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concern or does he fancy her?


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A friend of mine thinks a guy fancies her because of this and I am wondering what guys think.


She got really drunk at a club one night and kissed the best friend of this mutual guy friend that we have.


She was with another girlfriend and while she went to the bathroom this other mutual friend joined her - she asked him what was he doing and he said that he felt better waiting with her until this other girl came back


She rings me and says "oh he fancies me" but I think he was concerned about her since she was tipsy and just waited. He has not make a move on her since but she keeps saying to me that she "has him where she wants him"


Do Guys only wait if they fancy a girl or can you be concerned enough about someone that would be slightly off their head kissing their best mate.

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from what you have told us, i don't have enough information to conclude that he is interested in her. or if he is interested in her, why he hasn't asked her out yet. a man can be interested in a woman and not ask her out for a whole variety of reasons (he is shy, has a gf, isn't over his ex, is in a bad place in his life, etc....'

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Not a guy - but I have a lot of guy friends.


Men, in general, tend to be a little protective. He FOR SURE cares about her as a person and as a friend but I don't think it's certain that he "likes" her. I've had guy friends step in before - not because they "liked" me (at least I don't think they did) but because they genuinely thought that the guy I was flirting/fooling around with was a 'bad egg'.


It could just be that this guy knows his best friend and knows that the best friend is a womanizer or something.


I guess it really comes down to what kind of guy the best friend is to know the motives.

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