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Should I send my "Final Letter"?


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I have posted another thread with an overbearing amount of information, if anyone wants any type of background knowledge.


Here's a little though, if you don't feel like reading that much. My ex broke up with me one and a half weeks ago. Three days ago, I met up with her, and she gave me a huge hug, apologized for everything, and said she wants to be friends while working on our own separate lives, and see where that goes. She she agreed with me, that through finding ourselves again, we may be able to find each other. She even told me that she still loves me right as she walked away (she had to go back to work). It was such a relieving moment. I felt like I could have a second chance to redeem myself and win her back, and that I was going to do it by all costs.


Later that night I called her and she was drunk. She started freaking out on me about all the reasons she had broken up with me again. I couldn't believe it. She ended the conversation by telling me to leave her alone for good.


Of course, the next day I called her cell and left VM, sent her messages on fb, tried talking to her cousin, and of course I have been ignored throughout. So I stopped. It has been two days, and I have not contacted her in any way. However, I feel that this one last letter I have yet to send is conclusive on my side and will possibly make her think twice or at least not be so upset with me. Here it is:





I have been acting crazy trying to contact you so much. I'm just letting you know that I totally agree with the break up. It was the best possible thing that either of us could have done. In fact, I could see it coming for quite some time.





Should I add Dear/Sincerely? Should I maybe say "I wish you the best of luck" at the end, to make it not seem so cold?


Or should I not send it at all? I feel like it could give me the one up if I do, as the VMs and fb messages left me looking desperate and clingy going into the NC that I began yesterday. I feel that this letter will at least show her I am going into NC without being desperate for her. It might get her wondering things, and wanting to reconcile.


I am quite determined, but I do want your input. If this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad idea, then I'd definitely like to know!

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yup don't send it, i mean if you really wanna go for that, wait for her to make a move...

but don't send it out of the blue.

telling someone you are leaving is like a big sign saying NOT LEAVING.


when people leave they usually just disappear.

so if you wanna make her believe that you are "ok" with the break up

wait for the next time she contacts you, and maybe then it would be a good idea to tell her

but i would leave out the last part where you say it was the best posible thing to have happened, that just hurts.

i would just say " i realized i was acting really crazy trying to contact you and what not, i thought about it and i now understand the breakup"


my ex told me like 3 times that she was calling me to say goodbye lol, only the first time i freaked out! the other twoo i just played it cool.

i knew it was just a desperate atempt to get my atention

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Thanks everyone. I talked to my friend about it too, and he basically said the same as all of you; don't do it.


I was feeling that it would add to the push/pull tension, by me pulling away from her in one final, blunt letter. I can see how this could come off as more pushing. She might know right away what I am trying to do, and think of me as continuing to be desperate.


My confusion alone on the matter is something I should take as a sign to NOT do it. I just hope I can stick to this mind set.


I feel like she really will never talk to me again, even though we had so many amazing moments together. I feel like she is just going to push all of those moments out of her memory for good; erase me, so to speak.


I'd be willing to take her back even as a friend and try my best to forget the past, if she would give me that chance.

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don't worry about it,

she won't forget you before you forget her.

remember it was a relationship and you both lived the same expierences and loved each other...

so just because she doesn't show it doesn't mean she doesn't think of you,

id put my bucks that she still remembers you everytime she sees things you guys used to do together,

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