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hey guys i was just wondering if i can get a little advice. my ex gf broke up with me about 3 weeks ago and the thing is i just cant stop thinking about her its like this when we first met we were in love literally and then she left her job bc her boss was sexually harassing her and then she tried to find a job but she wanted to get a job at a casino that is known for having hookers keep in mind that i live in another country so its not like the states so i was like just get a reg job but everywhere she went some guy was like ill give u a career if u give me some ass so when that happened she distanced herself away from me and then her dad recently got transferred to another part of teh country for 2 yrs so then she was all depressed for that i had to reassure her that i will never leave her and that no all guys are like that. good got that out the way so then we went out one nite to the club and i saw a guy walk up to the table and they started talking when i saw that i tapped the guy on the shoulder and was like whts up thats my gf well she didnt like that and so she broke up with me saying that i was too jealous and possesive and i think this time apart has really given me some time to think and i have changed im actually working on my physical appearnce know got some colored contacts in and going to the gym prolly gonna get my hair dyed but her mother still calls me to ask how im doing c she said i was the best guy her daughter ever had and she wants me as her son-in law so i still keep in contact with her mother. as 4 her ive actually been doing the nc and i know that she is going out and having fun good 4 her let her have fun i just want to know when is the right time to contact her and start building our relationship up again. i will be going back to the states in sept and i just want things to be right b4 i leave. i think she has trust issues with men b/c they've been jerks to her except 4 her guy friends. any suggestions ppl

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