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How do you get that sharp decay in the middle of your teeth? Drugs?

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I saw a hot girl the other day and when she talked she had a sharp black sliver in the middle of her teeth. I wondered why the rest of her teeth looked so white, obviously some whitener, I use them too. But the compare and contrast was so dramatic. She seemed like a poor lady, because she had a kid and I heard her say the father wasn't around, I was ease dropping.

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sooo many things can cause it, from drugs, to cigarettes...

sometimes poverty can be a factor, where i grew up a lot of the kids had stains on their teeth because they would drink a lot of water from the hose,

sugar can cause it too.

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p.s. it is a big turn off!

i remember in high school i had a crush on some girl i would see walk by every once in a while, finally when i had the chance to see her talk, her mouth killed it all.


sadest part was, i later found out it was due to drugs.

i saw her hanging out with the "cool" kids in the parking lot getting busted by cops for drugs

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Meth will not simply cause one tooth to rot though. Meth use affects the entire mouth. It is an obvious symptom and once you've seen it you'd know it. The gums recede, gaps appear in the teeth, teeth decay, and the person generally just looks awful. It's a combination of the drug and also the lifestyle that goes with it (no sleep, poor hygenie, poor diet, hyperactivity, and so on).


If it is simply one tooth it could have cracked and started to decay. If she has little money she probably can't afford a dentist to fix it. I wouldn't assume drugs right away!

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I am sure if she could she would have it fixed but being a single mother she is probably spending all her extra money on her child.


Avman is correct that meth mouth hits the whole mouth and not just one or two teeth. Also if she is hot she isn't on meth if it is rotting her teeth. The teeth go last but the looks go right after self esteem!


If you like her go up to her and talk to her. You never know she may be a catch.



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