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What made me so emotional? Birth control pills or boyfriend???


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Ever since I got into a (my first) long term relationship (8 months and counting), i've gotten super emotional. Coincidentally, i've started birth control pills when the relationship started too. Literally, I used to be made of stone: not even funerals could make me cry. Now, a cheesy romantic comedy would get me bawling in seconds.


I just got off the phone with my bf, we were have a small trivial argument, and the moment he started to raise his voice slightly, and dropped the F word in his argument, I became an uncontrolable wreak, i had to hang up.


People who know me well say I've changed: opened up a lot more, and have become "mushy".


So is this the handy work of pills??? Or is this because of the relationship??? I hate crying at every tiny little unfortunate event!!!

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I'd be crying and having to hang up too. I've never been on birth control. It really just depends on the person I would imagine - I have always been sensitive, so it's no surprise I can get emotional over a guy. Since you have a totally different history, I would guess the birth control has something to do with it.

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That is confusing. Maybe it's both? Being in a new relationship could be making you feel vulnerable as it is, but perhaps your behaviour would not have changed much without the birth control pills opening the emotional floodgates.

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