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A word of caution to WOMEN


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Yes, it's common for immature straight guys to lose respect for women for engaging in sex "too early". For some reason it's a tarnish on her reputation but not his. I pity these guys, I really do.


Word. I would kill for straight men and women to take a look at how gay relationships behave and learn a thing or two. It really is a pity.


Seconding pinkelephant's post...

You need to realise that a woman has probably had better looking guys than you. She's probably had smoother talkers, better lovers, kinder companions. If a guy is willing to push things that far on the 2nd date, like CAD said, it's very likely that *I* won't want him. If he's hot enough and good enough with his hands, I could end up sleeping with him. But all I'll see him as is desperate. If he's *that* good, I may consider having him as a FWB. And I may not. It's the 2nd date, no one's going to cry.


Do you see how this works? You've created a dynamic where you give the woman all the power. After all, she can get sex way more easily than you can. And I truly hope that any woman, if she makes it to the third date with you, that finds out you were testing her, throws her drink in your face and bids you adieu.

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