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Getting Off BC pills, your experience.

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I recently got off BC pills. Didn't experience anything major, but I feel like my sex drive is lower now. Getting on pills decreased my sex drive to a degree, so I thought by going off it, it would come back, but it hasn't. I mean I still masturbate everyday, several times a day...but I don't feel the desire to have sex with men as much as I used to before. Is it going to be temporary? Have you experienced anything like this? Do you think it's related to pills or it's some psychological issue?



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I don't think it's a psychological issue...unless you have had psychological issues in this area before. It may just be the change in hormones. I didn't experience anything when I went off them for a while. I didn't experience any change when I got back on them either, so I can't say that that is what is causing it. It could also just be a normal change in your sex drive. We change with time. Have you always had a high sex drive so that this is weird? Or has it just always been 'normal'? I wouldn't make too much of it unless you are having other side effects of going off the pills as well.


Also, if I can be a little nosy, why did you go off the pills?

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I was just tired of taking them and I'm not very active these days, so I wanted to give my body a break. The thing is, I still masturbate and watch porn on a regular basis, but I don't want to actually have sex for some reason. It might be related to the fact that I don't feel very sexy these days physically.

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I don't have much advice coming from personal experience, but I will soon be going off the pill to try to increase my sex drive too, and I have been doing a lot of reading on this subject lately


How long have you been off the pill/how long were you on it prior to this? From what I gather from other message boards, it can take some women months until their hormones are regulated properly and they feel normal again, especially if they were on it for a long time. For others, it happens within the first month. And for some others, their sex drive never returns to normal all the way, which is sad/scary.


In your case, it sounds like your sex drive is still high, so maybe the reason you don't want to have sex with someone else does have to do with not feeling sexy? I hope it gets better for you soon!

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It's probably just the hormones, give it time.


I was on the pill for almost 5 years when I decided to stop over a year ago because I personally believe they are really really REALLY bad for you and I hated the fact that at 24 I had NO sex drive whatsoever, which is very unlike me, because I actually had a high sex drive prior to taking them, and it slowly dwindled away for the 5 yrs I was on it.


Anyways, here's my personal experience of coming off them:


Within a week of coming off them, I felt nauseated and my breasts/nipples were tender and sore to the touch - for nearly a month.

this went away, thankfully, and after that my libido was increasing. Now, I can safely say my sex drive is back to normal. It took about at least 3-4 months for it to get back up to what I felt was normal, and it has stayed that way since (sometimes I think it's higher now than when I first went on the pill!)


My periods are normal and I don't get painful cramping, but I am one of those lucky ones who never had really bad period cramps/pains in the first place.


Hope this helps!

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