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38 weeks pregnant and incredibly alone.

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Last October my boyfriend got me pregnant. It was the happiest moment of my life. However, during the first 4 months of my pregnancy, I was the moodiest person alive. I snapped at everything that moved, expecially my boyfriend. We argued so much that sometimes the fights became physical, and that's when I moved out. I ended the relationship. Then, a few months later, I realized what I screwed up, and I wanted him back. I wanted to fix things and become a family. But by that time he was already over the breakup and was interested in dating other people. But since I wanted him so bad, I wiggled my way back in... sleeping over at his house, watching movies, cuddling, making love like we used to... Anything just to win him back. We slowly got back together, but he never did smile at me like he did way back when. I thought things were doing okay for the past 3 months. We'ed have a small argument once or twice a week but nothing major. Then, just last week he told me where to go and how to get there, and how he was sick of our fighting (even though we barely fought)... Then called me every name in the book (like he used to when we first started fighting before I moved out) It just hurts like hell because now I am 38 weeks pregnant, and I was SOOOO excited about becoming a new family with someone I re-fell inlove with. It hurts so much when you love someone, but they don't love you back. Why couldn't he have told me that he didn't want me anymore instead of sending me mixed messages. (Sleeping with me one moment, then pushing me away the next) Some friends in my life say he is just pushing me away because he's scared about the arrival of the baby, but even if it is that - I don't think he'll ever come back to me again. I can't seem to refrain myself to stop calling him, and everytime I do talk to him on the phone he is very short with me and usually ends up hanging up on me. On top of that I want to try to get over him, but how can I do that when after his child is born I'll HAVE to see him.


I'm just a huge reck right now, and of course being pregnant makes me cry even more. Its okay if no one wants to reply to this message, I just needed to get this off my chest. Thank-you to everyone who took the time to listen...




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First Congrats on your baby! I hope it's healthy! You're not alone and I don't think you need that guy! I know most responses are gonna be like that but I am serious. You don't need a b/f or a husband for that matter who is going to get you pregnant and then leave. He made a commitment to you and that baby for sleeping with you in the first place! But anyway back to the point! I would recommend just getting over him just like he did with you. I know that you will be lonely for a little while but I'm sure you will find that special someone, and obviously your baby's father wasn't him. Anyone who has a physical fight with their "special someone" isn't right! You need to dedicate your time to that baby now and worry about your love life when YOU'RE ready! If you need to talk at all let me know! I wish you the BEST of luck and keep in touch and I know that you will find someone!

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Hey Nibs,


You are going to be a mommy!


Focus your energies on the life you are bringing into the world, instead of wasting them on your ex. He has walked away from you twice, yet you keep crawling back to him. You are giving him all the power. STOP!


Remember you are not alone, there is somebody inside you. Keep thinking positive, and instead of calling your ex call a family member, a friend, a loved one. Call the people who are your family.


One day when he wises up he will want to see you and the baby. When that day comes he may have matured, and you both might realize you were meant to be together. Or you may realize how glad you were to not have him around. Time flies, your baby will be going to school before you know it. These feelings, this heartache will pass.


I wish the best for you and your child.


B Positive

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Heyo. Just wanted to congradulate you on your new addition to your family. I know how you feel because im going through the exact same thing with my ex. And unfortunately its killing me and causing major stress. Im just totally unhappy with my life. If you have any suggestions on how to cope, lemme know. Im not due until Thanksgiving but after being strung along for the past 6 months after our break up and dealing with being 6 and a half months pregnant is about to make me insane. I miss him like crazy and I have a hard time not wanting to see him because he does want to be a part of my son's life, just not mine. We do still talk every couple of days but its usually very short and nothing really worth talking about. anyways if you have any advice for me, leave me a message er somethin please. I could use any advice anyone has right now.

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hey all i got to say is cangrats.my daughters father and i went through the same thing, we fought all the time.i knew he loved me in the beginning then we started slipping apart.the phone calls got shorter and the fighting grew.then i went into labor, when i had my daughter i realized that the fighting wasnt worth it. my daughter didnt deserve that. so i stoped dating for a lil while until i grew on the fact that i was going to be a mom. now i'm with a guy that loves me and my daughter so much, and i'm so glad i got over her father.nothing is worth fighting.you'll find somone.good luck


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