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Just need to vent .... nearly there..

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So we are nearly there, nearly out of our house and on our way, seperately... I move out next weekend and him the weekend after.


It's been a really hard month, more so for him of course, seeing as this was my decision.


So horrible how its become in the house, so quiet and a horrible atmosphere. We are like strangers living there, with only a hello and goodbye when we leave, when we try and converse it all feels too weird and one of us gets the hump. We can't even look each other in the eye anymore.


I have moved on quite a bit in the last week. I have not been thinking much about him or even the good things I will miss, I feel relieved that I will not have to put up with him anymore and I feel so bad for saying that, but it's the truth.


I know he is hurting b/c he must be able to see that I am kind of ok and not very emotional anymore about the whole thing. I feel totally cold towards him, there is not much emotion there. When we try to converse in the house, he is very rude and condescending and to be honest, thats the way he has always been. It just reminds me more and more that I did the right thing.


Corr the loneliness has hit me like a brick! Going back to that lonely feeling that I know so well, but I feel I am better at dealing with it now and I know it will only be sometimes. I am totally bored and feel low when I get home, we are in separate rooms and just sharing the kitchen and bathroom, so I find my comfort in listening to my ipod, and even gone back to masturbating again! lol. Nothing wrong with that I know. I just want to feel good inside for a little while.


Anyway, onwards and upwards, musn't look back now...

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I hope you post back about how nice it is not having him in the house and that the move goes well. I expect you'll be busy for a few days getting settled in.


You are going to enjoy living without him, as I did when my ex left. This man is making certain of that with his attitude. If, after some time has passed, you start to miss having him around, you should revisit your post here as a reminder of what it was like.


His passive-aggressiveness, contempt and anger will not serve him well with you or anyone else. He needs an attitude adjustment. Let's pray he gets it.

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