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Anyone else's ex completely ignore them?

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Or am I the only one here?


He said he doesn't want a relationship anymore, wanted to be friends still, that he loves me soooooo much and we can speak soon, and then never spoke to me again. And ignored anything I sent.


This is after 2 and a half years together!


I look at everyone saying 'my ex sent me this' or 'my ex told me this' and I'm just thinking, am I that awful?

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Mine did, with pretty much the exact same scenario as you. It hurt like hell. I felt completely and utterly worthless...like I meant nothing to him.


What makes it hurt the most is the promise that they want to stay friends, but then obviously don't. Lies hurt more than anything.


Why would it have been so hard for him just to say "We are over. The end" ? His actions only complicated my healing process.


The only way I got through it (I kept breaking NC, got ignored, felt down etc), was the realisation that he only said it to make himself feel better. He only said it so that he didn't think of himself as doing anything wrong. It was that selfishness and disregard for my feelings that let me move on. (oh, that and him insulting me, but thats another story)

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Na, my ex periodically ignores me, but he did in the relationship as well. Yes, my ex told me the same things your ex told you. He loves and misses me, but makes little effort to communicate. He's a compulsive liar, so I stopped believing anything he said unless I had the facts in front of me to support his words.


I don't initiate any contact and don't expect any. We aren't friends; we're exes, I keep reminding myself. It just works better that way. I suggest you do the same.

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Broken up 2 months ago. Does this mean he will probably never speak to me again?


The last time I saw him he was hugging and kissing me and telling me he loves me. Impossible to move on from that.


Does it sound like he's just pushing his own feelings away then?


Ugh. He treated me badly in the relationship and he knows it. He must think I'm pathetic for even wanting to speak to him!


Anyone have any advice? Might he be more open in a few months? If he's ignoring me it's safe to say he isn't missing me, right? He told me the last time we spoke that he'd always love me...

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mine did too. My ex husband of 10 years left me suddenly and never spoke to me again, except thru his divorce lawyer. lol It hurt a lot, but I think he was trying to ease his guilt of the other woman he was leaving me for.. Anyway, it's been five years since that day and he hasn't said a word to me still. Only today, I no longer care.

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