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A career in academic writing/publishing?

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The obvious question is which: academic writing or academic publishing? Those are two completely different jobs and careers, one of which is academic and the other essentially isn't. And if it's the former, then which area, i.e. writing what type of thing?

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Some people I know went on to do writing in the biomedical areas after getting a Master's degree in Science. Some did PhDs and then decided they wanted to shift careers and got into biomedical writing. You need to figure out what area you would be most interested in: biomedical, social science etc.

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I would find a Professor in the area you're interested in and go from there. A friend of mine writes a monthly newsletter about the research going on in the biotech sector of a major hospital network. She has a masters.

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Agree with the others that you need to be clearer.


Academic writing is usually done by people who have PhDs and work in academia e.g. grad students, post docs, professors. They publish articles in academic journals and write books on research they are carrying out. You would need to have a least an Masters, preferably a PhD and be writing something that contributes to a field of knowledge. Most people get into in such a career by doing a PhD.


Do you mean educational writing: textbooks and other learning materials aimed at schoolchildren? I think it tends to be teachers, or former teachers who do this. You could contact relevant publishers to see if they have any titles they are planning to publish, or if you are a teacher identify any gaps not being filled by current textbooks.


If you mean education publishing in general, then just look on relevant publishers website to see what careers and vacancies there are. I'm in the UK and had a look at Pearsons link removed and they have vacancies for editors, managers, admin. Also Cambridge University Press link removed .


It's hard to suggest stuff without knowing your background and what you are hoping to do.

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