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I was healing really well, no bad emotions, etc...


My sister just phoned, my ex dropped off my belongings at her house..

She told him that I was moving back to our town, which I didn't want him to know about (ugh), and then she said:

"He was looking really cute!!"




He isn't attractive to me anymore, he's a horrid person, I don't miss him at all, let alone want him back, don't want to speak to him again




I want to cry, I don't even know why.

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Aaaww ... if you want to cry, then carry on. A loss is a loss, even when you want to leave it behind.


When you were in the relationship, it must have started out with hope and optimism - or you wouldn't have been there. There must have been attraction - or you wouldn't have been there. There must have been good times ... and so on.


However, there are people where we realise that the good times are nowhere near worth it for the bad times, and moving on is the only option - but this doesn't make the good stuff go away. We minimise it because of lots of warning signs that this person isn't good for us.


A couple of years ago, I left a relationship where it was becoming increasingly obvious that the guy was an emotional abuser, and I was really relieved once it was over. However, for several months afterwards I'd find myself all tearful on hearing music which reminded me of him and of the good times at the start of the relationship.


It's just part of the process of grieving and moving on. Just let it happen.



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