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Hi there,


It's my first time using a forum... And i'm kind of nervous...


Well let's jump in it.


My girlfriend broke up with me on Monday this week. We had a "fight" about family and about me not sleeping over on the sunday night. I'm confused about the situation.


I first met my ex on Christmas Day, on the net, we talked for hours. We met and started dating, it felt like i've known her all my life and the feeling was mutual.We had great conversations and well we could'nt hide from each other... We saw through each other, knowing when the other had something bothering them, and it was easy to talk about real things... It was great, especially when i've known her for under a month. We decided to get serious and become a couple. We had great chemistry emotionnaly and physically... a month and a half in, we were already planing to move in together.


I am finishing up a bachelors degree this week, and well I'm looking to go for a masters eventually and i need to keep my average up. She isn't in school anymore. She is someone that needs to have a continual "high" and be challenged in a relationship. Unfortunately, my midterms came along and well I had to devide my attention between her and my studies... and now I had to it again between my finals and her.


We have a similar background regarding our exs. She was abused mentally by her ex and my ex was a control freak... She is 21 and i'm 25.


Everything was going great up to that sunday, we've been together for a while now. Again we talked about moving in together and having kids together. So we were actually planing our lives together. That saturday she even took me to see what kind of engagement ring she wanted. Monday she broke up, saying she does feel that continous high with me and i'm not impulsive enough. She's right that unfortunately i had to split my time and that i'm more rational... Then on tuesday, she told me she was confused, she does know what she wants anymore, and she was thinking about her ex. The ex poped out of nowhere... Actually her mom, could'nt stop talking about him because she was trying to buy a gift for her father trough him. Yet she tells me she does'nt want to get back with her ex, but wants that kind of high.


Now I gave her that High until my midterms... and i haven't changed since, but for the fact that I need to study a lot.


I want her back, she is special to me and i've never met anyone like her before, and never fell in love like this before, not even with my ex that i spent 4 years with her... She even told me the same thing...


So what do I do, why did she break up, do you think she will come back ?


Thanks for the insight



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well this is the thing that went wrong, a relationship needs time to invest into eachother, and lack of time is immediate when you are in a study. You have to set priorities in your life, your body wants to do a million things at the same time, but you have to do what is important first, so you have to restrict yourself to devote yourself completely to your study. Going into a relationship while you where studying is the cause of all these problems. I personally think therefore you should make a step back, end the relationship and complete your study. Once you have completed your study you still have an entire future ahead of you. Or you can choose to forget about your masters, and go with a future for your gf.

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Well, she left me on a monday and left for a vacation to Caya Coco in the dominican republic the following saturday... That day she called me and hung up as soon as I answered... I let it be and continued to do my things that week. Today she initiated contact, just a couple of hours after she got back from vacation.


What do you think it means ?

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