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I need to pee often before I can reach a toilet. :( Since about 5 months ago, I think.

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I had in mind such infections usually get solved within a few months..


No, I don't wait by willl. I just feel it about half a minute before it comes out. Sometimes I feel it a few minutes before it comes out.

I already drink at least an hour beforehand when I have to go outside when there are no toilets around except if I'd offer to pay at a café or something like that. This to avoid needing to pee in a difficult situation.

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Bladder infection, Urinary tract infection, Kidney stone?


Might want to check a doctor



I can not really permit it myself to visit a doctor, hospital or to buy medication there the instance that gives me my income which is paid by the State there I'm ill and lost all my money that was saved at the bank (due to a wrong answer of the university) has changed the payment rule of medical costs for me since the beginning of this month. I have to pay it all myself and then afterwards ask them to pay me back. Which is of course impossible there I can't miss 200-300 EUR of my 725 EUR a month. And then have to wait 3-8 months for each bill to get it paid back by them.

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Your health comes first Belgian girl, no matter what. I would strongly advise you to see a doctor, and I am sure in the EU you can do so. Otherwise just turn up at the A&E of your hospital, and you will not be turned away.


No one here is a specialist/gynae, and your problem could be due to any number of factors.



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Yeah so the combination is impossible.

And don't know why you have to say that; to laugh/sceptic/sarcastic.. ?

It's no joke for someone with such a low immunity system to have no choise being busy with doing laundry that often.

And no,.. emergency bills will arrive at my postbox too.

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Belgian girl, the ONLY person who CAN help you, is a doctor. Obviously there is something wrong and you need to do something about it - meaning, see a doctor. There's no point in finding every excuse under the sun not to go - you basically have two choices: See a doctor and get treated, OR don't see a doctor and continue living with the problem. No-one here can do anything for you.

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You can seek advice at any clinic. I am sure it's covered by CM Leuven insurance in Belgium.

Besides, Anti-biotics+cranberry tablets + a lot of water will help you. You are so young.

Don't count money by ignoring the most important thing your life, your health.



Yeah but each month let's say 150 euros (taking as an example the mutuality will pay me back half) that's 750 euros I have to pay forward after 5 months.


And I'm not sure if I could have avoided those laundry costs by taking more medical help quicker. It's due to stress and came pretty suddenly. I did not even knew this illness/symptoms exists.

And the part of money support as soon as I got ill came 1,5 year or longer delayed. Due to wrong information from the social department of the university. Made me loss around 13.000 euros.

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you're getting advice. you're getting logical reasons to make the expenditure.... but you argue with everyone, so i'll try a different approach:


just keep peeing in your pants.


if it is a medical issue, it will get worse. if it's not, you'll be wetter, but no worse for wear.

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I don't see any of my comments as arguing; I just don't want to be interpreted wrong or to be unsure to understand someone else wrong. The medical payment problem has been planned first to start a thread about but I decided to use the two at one thread so I needn't wait to be able to start a new thread.

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It won't decrease that fast by just visiting a doctor. I 'm having heavy allergies already about 3 years now. Laundry bill is less than 200 euros a month.

While doctor etcetera might be around hundred the first month I give in to their new payment rule (there I expect mutuality to pay about half). But after two months it will be another time about hundred. And so on till they finally pay me back.

Doctors here doesn't seem to take action easily btw (refers eventually to previous posts).

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The problem is that urinary tract problems can lead to serious kidney problems; because women have shorter urethras than men it is really important to make sure you get treated. I undertand the money is a worry but even so... try to find a way to see the doctor. If you are European surely this is covered by your normal healthcare cover?

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The problem is that uriniray tract problems can lead to serious kidnely problems, because women have shorter urethras than men it is really important to make sure you get treated. I undertand the money is a worry but even so... try to find a way to see the doctor. If you are European surely this is covered by your normal healthcare cover?



Only about half or if it's research or medication sometimes less. And the doctor nearly never takes action when I mention a problem. I already switched twice from doctor.

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Belgian Girl:


You say you are in Belgium, and Belgium is in the EU. Right? So go to the "Urgences" of your local hospital. They will prescribe medication for the condition. You mention that you ae a student (at a university?). I am quite sure that there is a student health department attached to the university, so I would strongly advise you consult them too.


No one here has any expertise in such matters.



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