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Any Gynecologists in the House?!

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Hi all,


I'm new to birth control, but I would really like to start using it. My gynecologist gave me a low dose birth control, Yaz, to treat my cramps during my period.


I've never used it though because I tried to control my cramps by trying to exercise, and it worked! My boyfriend and I want to have sex, but I want to be on birth control. I should be expecting my period soon and I know that's what you take the first pill, but I need some answers first.


I know Yaz has A LOT of controversy about it being very risky. Are these risks true about depression and blood clots? I understand there are risks to all birth controls, but I feel like Yaz has a reputation for being the worst. Anyone have any experience with it? Also, I read horror stories online. I just don't know what to think, so I'm very nervous to start using it! Please let me know the truth about Yaz!


Thank you!

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I am not a doctor.

I also heard about Yaz being risky.

When it comes to risk of blood clots that is if you have predisposition for it....I hope your gyno asked you a lot of questions to access that risk before prescribing you a pill (any kind of contraception pill....). Also I hope she checked with you if you're a smoker.

I can't use it because I have a mild case or varicose veins (barely visible, but they hurt when it's hot in the summer). So such a small problem made me react to a contraception pill after only 2 days of taking it with my leg hurting like hell, so i called my gyno and she said to stop using them immediately explaining how she thought I am too young and healthy to experience that problem with such a small veins issue. So be sure your gyno was careful enough. For them prescribing pills is something of a routine because majority of the women do not experience grave side effects so they are not paranoid about it like you might be as a first time user.

If you distrust your current gyno try to make another appointment with someone else.

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I'm taken a light type too. It's the generic/cheap, imitated version of Mercilon which I 've been taking during about 1,5 year and this one is called Désorel. I don't know about yours. I don't like taking birth control b/c of the possible side effects but there my body is very weak I got the idea to try taking it again as a way to make my period less heavy to my body each month.

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I saw an ad on TV very recently stating that you could be eligible for hefty compensation if you had suffered serious adverse reactions from Yaz, including blood clots and organ failure. It gave a number to call, and a website address.


I haven't looked into this, and don't know if this is a class action suit, and don't take BC, but I know I wouldn't touch that medicine if my life depended on it. I would never take such a risk.


I honestly don't know why a diaphragm and condoms wouldn't be any woman's choice, over screwing with your hormones, which is a lot more of an issue than inconvenience.

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