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Okay, here's the story... my gf broke up with me at the end of january..

She met a new guy shortly after we split up, she said it was after 3 days, but I'm pretty sure I saw that guy on her msn/facebook before that.


Anyways we have been on LC and NC on and off, when we were in LC she told me she liked to hang out with that dude and some other friends, and she had planned a vacation with those peops she just met 8 weeks ago.


After hearing those things I got jealous and I went into NC again (blocked her on msn). I think this is the 18th day of NC.


So I still got her on msn, and today I was curious about her so I looked at her facebook account and saw that she is having a relation (she changed her state today). Why in gods name she chose for that guy I dunno, cause he is butt ugly if I may say so.. I heard a rumour he is cranky, and when I google his name, all kind of weird stuff show up, he registered at a gigolo site and a dating site, and he did that during the last 2 weeks..


So anyways I'm not sure what to do, I can:

- deleting her from msn (should I write her that I deleted her in that case?)

Cause she is having an affair with somebody else and chose not to be with me


- keep her on block and see what happens in the future

it may be a rebound


- Get in LC and warn her if she talks about him?

Since I dunno if she allready knows about this, but then again I don't want to interfear


I used to care a lot about this girl, but I don't understand why she chose to be with that jerk.


What would you do if you were in my situation?

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delete her from msn and do not email her to tell her about it.


if you try to badmouth her new love interest, she will just see you as the jealous ex. don't interfere. let the relationship play itself out and run its course. you are the ex now, which means do not butt in to her relationships.

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