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I have been in NC going on three weeks that is how it will remain. On Easter she sent me a text. Happy Easter, hope you have a good day. Didn't respond and never will. My question is has anyone ever felt when they break NC that it sets you back, makes you a little mad. I was pissed that she would even contact me. To me there is no reason we should ever contact each other. We have separate lives now and she is seeing someone. I understand the message was being nice but show a little respect and leave things be. Just a rant I guess.

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Yeh...it does set you back and give u a whole bunch of unwanted feelings.

Somewhere along the lines she probably thought about you and thought that it would be nice to wish you a happy easter.

You did the right decision by not responding her, most of the people would respond and get hurt even more, so made a pretty strong and correct decision.

I would bloke her number if it is possoble to avoid future cases such as this, since she might think about sending you more, or she might get the clue of you ignoring her and stop it, in any case blocking her has more benefits than disadvantages.

You are just in the beginning of the way in your healing process so right now it is really though and brings upon immensely unpleasnt emotions, but as the time will go by, this kind of messages will bother you no more, your emotional state would go back to be as it was before and you will be stronger than ever, it takes a lot of strengh to survive a break up, but once you are over, you are much more stronger emotionally as opposed to before.

So just keep holding on there and try to move with your life slowly.

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Everyone is different. I actually felt that breaking NC didn't set me back. I felt relief and I just felt I could breathe easier. While NC I felt kind of tense like I had to run away and hide.

I broke NC, I am the dumpee and I don't regret it. I know it's over, it was over and nothing has changed. NC did help me heal and pointed me in the right direction. I actually sent him an email an hour ago basically saying "it's all good, no hard feelings". I felt it is my way of closure and a way of moving on. Some people go NC for months and still get set back once they break NC, at this stage I don't feel it set me back. This could obviously change.

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