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Is this the end of the road for us?


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ill try keep this sort, me and my gf are in a kinda long distance relationship, we see each other once a week sometimes less if i have no money, [im the one who always goes to hers, she never comes to mine, shes too busy apparently]


and for a while my gf was taking everything out on me, shouting and me and shutting me out for the stupidest reasons, like say i was tired in the morning and complained, she would slag me off like why cant i be a morning person etc.


So as time went on i confronted her about nicely obv and she said she was sorry she was just stressed with work, college etc and it wasnt my fault.


that was the last time i saw her. for a few days after everything was fine, talking normal etc, then out of the blue, she said her phone and internet was broken and stopped communicating with me.


so i didnt think anything of it and waited till she has them "fixed", but when she got them fixed she would talk to me once every couple of days, or not reply to me at all, when she did reply she didnt tell me she loved me, she would just slag every little thing about me off.


so ive tried givin her space, its been a month now, and she only talks to me every so often, but loves ignoring my msgs on facebook and replies to anyone else but me, and when she does reply its a nasty reply


i dont get whats going on, its like she wants to break up with me, but she hasnt done it yet,


why wouldnt she just do it?

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This is classic. She just doesn't want to "hurt your feelings" and wants to avoid the confrontation. I know it seems odd because she has already hurt your feelings because she's being rude, but breaking up is hard for her because it's so climatic and she may be scared of your reaction.


If you want to break up, then why not make the first move?

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Another thing i forgot to mention was on one of the rare times she talks to me,

i asked her if she wanted to break up with me, she said no


But thats probably a lie to avoid confrontation too. Or to keep me around till she finds someone else.

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I agree with fudgie. She is trying to break up with you, but she doesn't want to end up being the bad guy in the end, so is trying to force you to make the break first. That way, she will have little guilt in the end. If she is willing to disrespect you and treat you like dirt, oblige her and end it.

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Yeah, I've seen it happen a lot..


She doesn't want to dump you, so she'll treat you like crap until you dump her or just move and forget about her, whichever comes first.


If you don't like the treatment, I would dump her soon, because from the sounds of it, she's not into the relationship anymore and just wants out. Her actions convey her true feelings.


I'm sorry

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Actually, Maybe you should let her break up with you however, you just agree to it with a calm tone. After this, ignore her for a while. If she texts you or calls you, ignore them, don't respond for a while. If after a while, she still contacts you, respond saying something in a calm and maybe friendly tone like "I'm glad that you want to talk but I'm busy right now, maybe we can talk on Saturday." or something like that. If she calls on Saturday, answer it but don't talk no longer than about 5 minutes. If you want, you could go as far as setting up a time and place to meet her...

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