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I just did the thing you're not supposed to do... open up The Box, and I'm not talking about that lame Richard Kelly movie. The Box with all of his cards promising forever, pledging love and devotion, the photobooth pictures from our first weekend getaway, the shirt that smells like him and even the funny little mock-deed to our house he gave me when we first moved in together.


It made me happy... But now, I'm just bummed I even bothered.


/End rant.

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get rid of that stuff!


i had tickets from the first movie we saw together (we were just friend at the time but i knew we'd be more someday and i was right), cards, pictures, little things from trips we took or random stuff that envokes a memory.


its alllll gone except for some pictures.

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don't do that again! i did that and it was probly the turning point where i decided to go extreme NC and remove everything that remotely reminds me of them. as i was packing my ex's stuff into a box for her to pick up, i took a moment to smell her shirt and look at a couple pictures, OMG it was sooooooooo horrible and taking steps back.


use this as motivation to go NC and move everything that reminds u of them outta siight!

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I really know I should get rid of it. I always get rid of that stuff, like the day of. But with this one? It's even stuff like... I had mentioned my dad never got me a Ken doll when I was little (and while I left this part out, had told my best friends that the man who bought me a Ken doll was the man I'd marry), and it's a KEN DOLL. One he painted and altered the packaging to make it look like Dr. Chase from House because he's my TV dreamboat. And the deed.


I don't ever genuinely expect him to return to my life, sadly. But yes, even in the slim chance or for the sake of remembering I found great love once, I could never get rid of this stuff.

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The Box is a vile thing, but I feel it is necessary.


I've given my Box to a friend, it has everything he ever gave me, a note of his number, and other silly little momentos I kept from when we were together (i'm a sap for silly momentos)...I told her that in NO WAY was she to give me the Box until I was completely over it.


Maybe there is someone who can hold it for you?

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