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A few question about ethic and this world


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When I look at the world around me, I never stop being astonished and amazed by what I see. A world so cruel and hainous, yet capable of loving and achieving great things. This world is so bipolar that it's bugging me. No need to say that we're torn by evil and good.


It's just that evil is the easy way out. Being good is so hard because it takes effort and because it will ask you to sacrifice your ego. I know only a few "good" people. Most are just pretending.


But I believe that with some effort, if you really want to believe in it, we can uncover the good nature of human kind and neutralise evil. But sometimes, it's a task that seems so hopeless.


Is this world worth being saved ?


And here comes my ethic question: Let's say that you want to achieve good, but there are evil people who prevent you reaching that goal. What should you do ?


I think there are people that are irrecuperable. People like a Hitler, mass murders or serial killers. I don't know the reasons for their act and I don't want to judge. There might be something that ever brought them there, something we don't understand. But one thing is sure, what they do is not good and against the welfare of this world.


Let's say that you can't stop them unless you neutralise them, would it be right to kill those that are a threat to world peace ?

But if by doing so, you'd become the enbodiment of what you try to destroy ? ( since killing is evil ) Imagine that, in order to save the world, you'd have make sacrifices in human lifes, would you make that choice ?



Or is staying good the one and only way to go ? Even if it means that you have to watch other suffer without being able to take action.( That is, eradicating the problem ). Somehow, I refuse to let the good people endure pain. But in order to stop the pain, you sometimes have to inflict some ! It all seems like a viscious circle to me

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