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A bit of an update


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Hey all, its been awhile. I hope everyone is doing well. I figured i would pop in and give an update.


My ex and i still talk, but not as much as we used to. We have our lulls and go through times where we don't talk at all and i am fine with that. However recently something a little strange happened. I was doing some work on my place last Saturday, and while i was trying to pry a piece of plastic from the ground, it snapped and hit me in the right temple. It left me disoriented and bloody but i didn't seek help because well, i am reckless and stubborn. After a few seconds i came to and went to clean myself up. About an hour later i get a text from the ex asking what i was up to and i told her what happened. She was instantly concerned for my well being. During the evening she was checking in to see if i was ok, she also kept insisting that i seek medical attention but again i am stubborn and refused.


Before i went to bed Saturday night, she wanted me to text her first thing when i got up the next morning(i wake up before her) so she doesn't have to worry. So i texted her first thing in the morning to let her know i was ok. She was happy to hear it..and again throughout Sunday she kept checking in to make sure i was ok. Even after i had told her i was going to bed she again sent me a text and kind of woke me up to see if i were ok. She convinced me to see a doctor and i went today. She sent me a text first thing when she woke up to see if i was ok and if i went to the doctor. I told her what the doctor told me and basically i have some minor swelling that will go away, i have been feeling a bit dizzy and somewhat nauseous on and off but the doc said for me to just try to stay off my feet and relax. She called me after i told her that and asked me to please just for once stay home and relax for a few days. She knows that i am VERY active and am almost always doing some sort of activity. So...i agreed.


Anyway..reason why i am typing all this is simply because i am kind of surprised at how much she cares for my well being...she was actually never like this with me, but then again i did get hit pretty hard in the temple. She knows i am very resilient but also reckless. But yeah figured i'd share this tale. On another note "And so it begins.." is a thread that i am getting very close to making. That'll be an update for another time however.



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Yah man try not to look too into this. It is obvious she still cares about You a lot. Is it possible feelings are coming back to her? I would say yes, but most likely she is not looking to reconcile. She probably doesn't know what she wants and is just testing things out and seeing what happens. Maybe she is just really worried about you?


Either way you shouldn't look too into this. Don't expect anything more to come from this. Just let things happen and if more and better things start to happen, then we can deal and talk about them then. As for now, just continue what you are doing and take things day by day.

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That is interesting. I just wouldn't bother with my ex to that degree if I wasn't mildly interested in something. Doesn't mean she wants to get back together, but this type of attention is peculiar. I think a few girls need to chime in on this. Okay girls, why would you do this? We can't read her mind, but some female perspective might be helpful.

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It kinda just means you hit your head really badly, and instead of acting like an obvious tool, she texts you to make sure she has reasons to text you. Any reach you give keeps the cycle going. For her to not text would be flat out weird. And she gets to feel like a mini-hero thinking, because of her, you will feel better. But the thing is, you would have felt better whether or not, she texted you about seeing a doctor.


Any of my exs would have done the same thing...doesn't mean what you want it to mean. It means she can now know you won't be doing much for the next few days...like not meet other girls, hang out with friends, etc.

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Yeah, it's sorta like keeping you in check...on the back burner in her mind. It's probably wishful thinking to believe anything more than that. She does care about you, but this is more about her I think. You owe her nothing...so you don't have to necessarily respond to her. Maybe just respond to half of them...this way she can't just pull a string to get a response.

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I don't think there is any sort of motive behind what your ex is doing. She cares about you...plain and simple. Just because you break up with someone doesn't mean you stop caring.


Not everything is a conspiracy theory. More often than not, things are exactly as they appear.

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Why is everyone so negative about this. I am a female and I would not be contacting someone that much to see if they were okay unless I had feelings for them. Sure she cares but the relationship ended about a year ago, right? So, my thoughts are that there is more than just friendship on her mind.

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Thank you all for the replies.


I must apologize as i might be now posting in the wrong section on ENA. Any chance of reconciling with my ex was thrown out the window weeks ago. I will not get back with her and i won't even let the thought cross my mind. However i do like to post these things because i do think about what goes on between her and i when things like i wrote about previously happen, and the advice/opinions that have been given to me on ENA, especially in the "Getting Back Together" section has been a substantial help to me. The advice/opinions is something i've always appreciated.


Having said that, it did make me a little curious as to why she was being so concerned about me getting hurt. I guess she might care for me but it really does surprise me quite a bit. Last year when i was dealt a career ending injury, she dumped me and never checked in on my leg. This year i took a nasty hit to the head, and she is all about hoping i feel better. Either way i am not as responsive to her still, and i do appreciate her concern, but all it did was make me wonder why. Perhaps she still cares for me, but if thats what it is then its the first time i'm seeing it since NC was broken. If it takes me getting hit in the head to get her to budge then it just goes to show her integrity.


Whether i am down and not going out, there is another girl in my life at the moment. We aren't dating yet or anything because she leaves for Europe tomorrow for 2 weeks and i leave for the Caribbean next Friday for 1 week. And we'll be back in the city at the same time and we have plans to move things forward. That is what i meant by "And so it begins..."

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