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Performance issue, lol


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One for the females here. Just wanted to get a bit of advice...Its a bit embarrasing, but I like this girl so here goes...


...Met a girl out in a bar at the weekend & we defo hit it off quite quickly. We ended up going home together & watching a film. One thing led to another as it does, lol


We were getting into things...unfortunately by this point i'd had a few drinks & wasn't able to 'get it up' It was fine when she was giving me oral, but as soon as it came to penatrive sex I couldn't maintain the errection.


So what i'm asking is if this would be a big deal for you girls out there. We are going on a date this coming Friday, so obviously it can't have been enough to put her off me, but I hope it doesn't make me uncomfortable on the date knowing that it happened.


What do you girls think??? Is it something that she'll be thinking about?

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That's right..if you have that second date..then she's obviously putting it on 1st time jitters..


Just relax..or keep the date outside each of your houses..so you wont be tempted too soon..Otherwise you will feel more pressed now to perform..


And it is important that your second 'first' time goes well..


Take it a bit slower this time...

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Don't drink this time around and....relax.....


This happened to my boyfriend. I took off the pressure and encouraged him in a non-condescending way. I finished him orally and it ended up being a one time thing.


If she acts in an immature manner, it could easily give you a complex. But, realize that this is completely a mental thing and, honestly, isn't a big deal.

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This happened to me, I met a girl in the pub and went back to her house, we were in bed and I was trying to get it up but I'd had a LOT to drink and no matter how much we tried it just wouldn't move!


So we gave up and I fell asleep pretty much straight away. Worst thing is I'm a virgin and that was the closest I've ever been to having sex - so annoying thinking how easily I am able to get it up 99% of the time and on that one occasion it didn't happen. I put it down to a combination of drink and nerves.


She was OK about it at the time though she was disappointed nothing happened she seemed understanding. I didn't see her again after that though, I sent her a text a few days later asking if she wanted to go for a drink in the next few weeks but when she replied she avoided the question and that was that. I've since heard bad stories about her though so quite glad I didn't get involved.

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