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My life is a complete trainwreck how do I go about getting it straight?


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Just fired from my job. I am at rock bottom.


So the only place left to go is up.


Seriously now, you've got £80k debt right? Half of which is from a student loan. Where did the rest come from? The sooner you can get a plan together, the sooner your life will pick up. No more defeatus attitude ok!!! This needs sorted. If you need any more motivation to get the ball rolling, just look at this thread you posted one year ago:


30 years old, hate my job, cant get a new one, I have a ton of debt and the love of my life left me.

I am lost people!!!!!!!

Well to start out I HATE my job. I work overnights and cant seem to find a different job. The only jobs that I do come accross pay alot less than I make now but I can not take them because of the 70k in debt that I am in (school loans, car loan, credit card). The girl that I thought I was gonna marry left me 5 months ago after 3.5 years and all I want is to start meeting some new girls to get over her but I cant because I work nights (7pm-5AM). It is rue that love makes the unbearable, bearable because when I was with her I did not HATE my crappy job as much as I do now. I also just turned 30 and I feel like life is passing me by, I feel like I will NEVER get out of debt. I feel like I will never fall in love again. It has been hard for me to get out of bed during the day because it just feels like NOTHING WILL CHANGE and its THE SAME DAMN THING DAY AFTER DAY so there is no point in getting out of bed. Its like I am living the real life Groundhog day movie!!!!!!!!

Well theres my vent session.....but I would really like some advice if anyone has any because I feel like I am going to absolutely lose my mind.


Am I right in thinking your debt's gone up £10k in one year? You don't wanna be in this position in another years time.

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Tips to get started


If you've got credit cards, if you can get a decent credit card balance transfer (sometimes there are special offers of 0% for 12 months), shift your debt there and try and pay of as much as you can (when you have a new job obviously). Just be sure to check out the catches before you do that but if you can cut your interest rates, do it!


If you can't meet the minimum payments go and see a debt councelling agency: Citizens advice, national debt line, consumer credit counselling, christians against poverty (or whatever you have in the US so long as it's from a reputable non profit organisation) These places are free, non judgemental and their job is to try and ease you through your debt.


Speak to the student loans agency and see if you can defer any further payments for the time being. Those debts will have lower interest and wont escalate like the others will so if you can set that aside for the time being, you can focus on clearing the rest of your debts.


First of all though, I'd figure out exactly how much you're spending each month, in particular how much you're overspending. Write it all down in front of you so you can see exactly where your money's going and how much you're overspending each month. Basically you need to systematically examine whether you spend more than you earn and then find a way to re-work the balance.

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If memory serves me correctly, you can end your student loan payment for a time if you're unemployed. Once you're employed again, there are several plans for paying down that debt. When I was making very little money, I was on an "income contingent" plan; once I got a better-paying job, I started paying the standard amount.

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My health, physically and mentally, have been deteriorating over the past few months. I am always angry and in a bad mood because everything I try to do to change my situation fails miserably.


Maybe you should see a doctor, by the sounds of it you may be depressed. Given your life lately it is understandable.

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Hello AlwayzRight, I've noticed your thread yesterday and decided to register just to post a reply. What you need to do is make a plan. I understand you have 3 types of debt: auto, credit card and student loans. Here's what I'd suggest:


1. Auto

Based on the amount of debt I'm guessing you have a relatively expensive car. Can you sell it? Buy something reliable in 3-5k range if you really need a car and use the rest of the money to pay down your car loan.


2. Credit Cards

Call the card issuers and explain them your situations. Credit card lenders are not charities, but they will be acting in their best business interest. If you'll convince them you're close enough to defaulting on the debt, they might settle for any amount that's greater than what they could sell the debt to the collection agency for. Maybe it's 50c for every dollar...maybe even less. Yes, your credit report will take a hit. But it might be better for you to stay out of credit markets for some time given the situation you got yourself into.


3. Student Loans

There's no way to discharge or reduce this kind of debt. See if you can consolidate the loans with lower interest rate and see if lenders will allow to defer payments due to hardship.


I hope this helps and you can get out of debt quickly.

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