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Dating but ex is in rage mode!


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I met this lovely girl, get on really well and am very attracted to her. We have been texting every day, calling and met up on quite a few occasions for the last two weeks with friends (but we normally drift off and are alone with each other). The last time we met up we just watched some films round her house snuggaling on the couch (just us two)! It was pretty cool! Tonight we are going for our first romantic meal together and then possibly back to my house!


Anyway, her ex is causing her quite a bit of bother. I know they only broke up about a month ago but she say's they weren't right with each other for much longer. He is texting her extremely abusive messages, calling her all sorts. I don't know exactly why they broke up or how but it was obviously messy.


A few things worry me here. Her ex is very violent, always getting in fights and I'm thinking he's gonna go a bit skitz when he finds out about me... Another thing is I'm afraid of being a rebound. She's quite shy and takes quite a bit of time for her to get comfortable but she has assured me she likes me.


Is there anything I can say to her to tell her how I'm feeling without it sounding bad.


"So.. is your ex gonna like kick my arse? Are you on a rebound?" Ya'know..


I really don't want to offend her! Oh she's 19 and I'm 22, dunno if that matters though...



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Alright, this sounds like a good time for camping. What you do is go find yourself a nice secluded camp site ahead of time and set up several log traps, trenches, skewers, pit-falls, etc. Then tell your new girl that you're going to take her camping. At some point on the trip, say your phone is messing up and ask if you can borrow her phone and text someone [your brother, father, friend] to let them know where you'll be for safety sake. At this point, text her ex with the exact GPS coordinates of your campsite and say you're the new guy and you'll be shagging his ex gf there tonight.


Voila...now you've got yourself a nice guerrilla war where you easily have the upper hand. You can bury the body in the woods and no more problem.


If you're not up for that kind of engagement, then I suppose you could talk to your new girl about your concerns. But from a 19yr old shy girl, I wouldn't really expect helpful answers. No girl is going to say, "Oh yeah...he's definitely gonna kick your arse." even if that's true. So really you'll just have to make your own judgment call on this one. You can keep dating her and take the chance or you can bail and find a safer gal. I wish there were a better answer, but that's the danger of unpredictable crazy exes. They're unpredictable.

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