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My current BF and I just made things official a week ago. We met once last summer and he's currently stationed in the army in another state, so this is long distance, though he has family here. We only made things official after he had been begging me for weeks to do so.


There's a couple things about him that bother me: the one time we met (we had met online, bare in mind), he came up to my school after I had canceled last minute (and he decided to cut up anyway). We then went several months without talking before we got in touch in December. Since late last month, he's been wanting to pursue a relationship with me. I found out after talking to him that he's dated a lot, and seems to break up and date someone else extremely quickly. What really bothers me, however, is the fact that he recently looked up my address (which was my old one, but still) after I had told him I didn't feel comfortable giving my address yet.


So anyways, I'm now wondering what to do. I'm 22 and he's 21. What do you all think?

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Well this doesn't seem like it's off to the greatest start.


A) He's way too pushy


B) You're starting the relationship KNOWING that he does not respect you (because he looked up your address after you told him you were not comfortable with that.)


So yes, that would scare me. I'd seriously re-consider this, if I were you.

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I'm just trying to figure out if I should end it now or wait and see. Really, I'm fine single, so I'm not concerned about being "lonely". He seems like a good guy with a lot of attractive qualities, but him looking up my address is scary.


I think you have a very wise head on your shoulders, and you're obviously not comfortable with this, so I say, when in doubt, don't - meaning if you have doubts about him, then don't go ahead with it.

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I'm not even sure. I think I just felt pressured and was not quite over my ex. If I do break up with this guy, how should I do it? He does seem like a good guy, but I am always wary about things like "what if he retaliates? or stalks me?" I'm not saying he has it in him.

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If I do break up with this guy, how should I do it?.

The easiest way would be to say you've had second thoughts about the long distance and that you know you can't deal with it. It's a pretty reasonable explanation (imo). Then you wish him well and hopefully that will be the end of it.

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