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Ex with someone else, hurts so much


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I just need a little help and support here.

Im not feeling sorry for myself or anything i could just do with a little advice

I was with my girlfriend a year, 3 or 4 weeks ago we broke up.

I was in town today and i saw her with someone else

Two of my friends had to hold me back from hurting him, and its not even the dudes fault, i know that. I just went blank.

I calmed down but it feels like ive been punched in the stomache, she was my first love and i cant handle it.

Someone please help me

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yeah man it sucks. im in the same boat...whatever you do..dont mention the new guy to her! if she mentions him..just acknowledge it dont even go into detail about it... this is the advice i have been given hundreds of times.. my ex hasnt told me she has a new guy and ive known this for about a month now

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Brutal dude, it's always a hard thing to see. I remember dealing with the same * * * * , but if it's over then remember the good times but realize you are on different paths now, and that if you broke up its because there's someone better for you out there. Good luck to you.

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it does hurt my friend really bad but the odds are it wont last dont make the mistakes alot of us did and still do. Dont get angry it will only make matters worse. ive learnt this the hard way my ex left me 9 months ago since then she got her self lets call him a companion just after we broke up it didnt last, she got into a relationship with some one just before christmas and she said had feelings for him guess what its now over. i can honestly say im in a lot better place now with my feelings "time is a great healer" and although i dont think ill ever get over her totaly its time for me to move on "for now" im a great beliver in things happening for a reason and nothink is imposible its just the time it takes to achieve your goal. weather that is to get her back or get over her.

me and my ex have to talk to each other as we have a 7 year old son together since she split up with her current partener she has been extra nice to me and comes around to my ne place with my son a couple of times a week. things are good and can get better.

allways remember out of a negative allways comes a positive

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