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Just Friends or possibly more than that?


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First of all im not great with personal interactions I write about them (I write stories, Im aspiring to be a writer so I usually am the observer) I dont actually do them (usually) LOL.I want too sure where to post this. Ok so here is the story.


I met him in art class sophmore year high school. both of us having an apptitude for art him for beautiful pieces of work that were stunning and I for animals with a little shading thrown in. His step dad owns a herd of cows and sells farm equipment. We dated (i was a little clueless about it at the time though, I was super shy back thena dn he was the first), seen afew movies etc. I met his mom at some point and his little sister, she was a delight, she even pointed out he was showing off, which I already knew when he rode one of the snomobiles around. we hung out in art and Typing class (lets just say I barely passed the silly class lol)


Anyways life broad sided me. my mother kicked me out and I was sent to another state to live with my dad. well we tried to keep in contact but (I found out later he was struggling with his own things)


well we lost all contact (6-7 years worth) last fall I was on facebook which I only do when im bored and it popped up that he'd just joined and suggested him as a friend so I added him!


well the next day we talked about the 'old days' ( we went horse back riding once and such 'back in the day' lol) then he gave me his cell phone number awhile later and said for me to call well I had no long distance so I gave him my phone number to call. he called and we spent 5 hours talking. including that he'd joined the 'service'. we talked about about afew things in confidence and stuff like that. I even found out He hadnt dated anyone since me and that he liked when I wore skirts (i had expressed my distaste for them)


well he was going to come up for christmas but it didnt seem to work out and even called on christmas day but then had to take a call and was going to call back but didnt. I attempted to contact him a time or two with no success so I wrote it off as a loss and went on about my life.


well end of last month I get a call sure enough its HIM! and it turns out he's driving back from a very far away destination to his home which isnt far from my home, that very minute. I was excited of course. he said that he was now out of the service and that He'd been sent 'away' up until recently. he told me where but I'd rather not share specific info like that.


well after he'd gotten some rest and all that he called and wanted to 'get something to eat' with his familly and was inviting me to go with, he had just gotten back so I suggested we could 'do something' some other time, he should spend some time with his familly. well I called him about a week later out of boredom and He wasnt busy so we decided to 'do something' we just didnt know what lol. we decided on a movie, went checked movie times movie didnt start for like an hour and a half. so we went to a restraunt we used to go to back in HS. He paid. I complimented his new car, it was a very nice car.


well we still had some time to burn so we went to the library (im a nerd and could totally get lost in the fiction section ) he checked out two dragon fantasy books. so then we headed for the movie. we seen shutter island (great movie I loved it).


He paid again btw. no snacks (I never got them before and I hate popcorn, Im pretty sure he remembered that since he also remembered who my fave actor was, which came up in convo earlier and shocked the hell outta me) anyways after the movie we chatted about it and about the rude lady behind us too, we laughed at her expence.


Well we were having a great time it seemed so I suggested maybe stopping for a couple drinks? He didnt have any cash on him just his cards so he suggested just going by his (where he was staying with his familly) house, everyone was gone so we headed there. we talked about alot of nothing and some other things and we just hung out in the garage listening to rap. he showed me how to play some games on his iPhone. after while we headed in watched another movie till like 2 am (we both are night owls, well I am and he was recently from another time zone lol) well he suggested that I could stay over (didnt seem like a trying to get you in my bed way) since he had to take some medication and it makes him tired. however I had to be back too early for chores (horses and other animals) so I suggested instead of driving me home 30 minutes then driving back he could stay by me, I had an open couch.


well I was curtious and took the couch. he was sposed to be up around 11am to head home. I heard someone call him around 10:30 am (I couldnt sleep lol) and he slept till 2pm. I joked about being comfy and he said he was up at 11 but decided to forget about it and went back to sleep. well he went home and I decided this was a time to shower then take a nap since I hadnt really slept the night before. well I discovered he forgot his cell phone so i grabbed it and put it somewhere where I would remember where it was and wouldnt be tempted to snoop.


I only ever had his cell # but I knew his step dad's name so I looked him up and called the number he answered I told him he forgot his phone he said 'i know' then asked what I was up to I said I wasn't doing much. so he asked if I wanted to hang out. of course I said yes. so we chilled for awhile watching afew movies on tv, played mario cart on my Wii and he kicked my butt at it then he went home...


well it could be a case of he's really busy or forgets but he seems to not like to call me but when I call, when he picks up, he's friendly and wants to hang out. are we friends headed for more OR JUST FRIENDS? does it sound like he's interested? I'd just like to know so I can act accordingly, I like him, I enjoy being around him and would love to really get to know him more.



what do you all think? advice?

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well Im a great talker (friendly a little bubbly and generally all around fun) but when it comes to talking about feelings im very...quiet. I was raised in a broken home kind of environment and I find it VERY VERY tough talking about any kind of feelings with others but I was thinking of trying to just be a little more obvious through actions. maybe breaking the touch barrier so to speak since Ive been pretty hands off and such till now.

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