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SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! i posted week ago still no response

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She may read it or she may not, writing this letter is maybe creating false hope but it is also a last resort and a long shot, but it is also a letter of closure if it do not work. It sometimes helps a lot to get things off your chest and this letter will help with this part of the healing proses as-well.


write a letter to her but leave it at that. dont write numerous lettersn ad hope for anything in return. this guys right; writing that last letter does help in closure for yourself. if not for years later u will regret not letting your feelings be known, even if it doesnt changeanything. i can guarantee she will not change her mind nor will she reply to that letter, but letting your feelings out helps alot in the healing and griefing process.

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Pretty much my situation in a nutshell. I never called or texted it was always her caring and she threatened to break up before but i never took it seriously. and now....I'm grieving because it happened. yay.


haha same here....i neglected her real badly towards the end. but its always too late. we only realised our mistakes after things are over. but anyway ihave stopped beating myself over it already. we are all just human and we make mistakes. the most impt thing is to learn from it and not repeat it in our future r.s

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Who says she isn't missing you? Who say's that her cutting you off and not allowing you to talk isn't her way of protecting herself from more pain as she is also suffering at the moment?


Agreed, she IS probably missing you but you live far away now and she may see the relationship as doomed so its "best" to end it. She probably sees things as for the best and needs to hurt you for you to get the message so both of you can move on.

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