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this would be easier if i knew i would love again

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if i knew deep down that i could love another person like i loved my ex, then i think that it would make all this pain worth while.


i'm so picky. i feel like i'll never find someone I'm attracted to in that way again. it happens so rarely.


i wish i knew i'd find it again. i'm only 20, but it feels like my love life is over. i know that sounds ridiculous...





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I know how you feel and im 40.. I feel the love of my life just walked out the door and i am now left floundering.


I do believe that I will find other girls to spend time with and be in a relationship with - but im not sure I will ever feel the same way about anyone else.


However, we have to try and believe that we can, and that it will happen. Alot of the people on this site believe there is more than just one person for everyone, and I am really hoping that they are right.

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I kno wat uure feeling...ny ex wasn't perfect,,,but they were a combination of a great down to earth loving independent person with the physical beauty of a victoria's secret model....kicking meselfhard lol but everything happens for a reason and eventually shell come down from that pedastool

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You absolutely can and will love someone again! Think about how many people there are in the whole world right now. With that in mind, is your ex reeeallly that unique/special?


I know how you feel, but you will get past that feeling that there will never be anyone else. Just give it time.


A few months ago my ex broke it off with me and I felt like one of my legs had been chopped off. But even during the heart ache, I knew deep down that he wasn't the one and only person for me. I have since started dating someone new. I used to scoff at the idea of seeing other people, but if you feel you can handle it, it really shows that there are other people out there who can make you laugh and even turn you on.

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broke nc with bad results. we are facebook friends, but i have lost all my dignity and pride in the process and he has all the power.


we had a conversation before he went to bed. short, one worded answers. at the end he told me to "give neil (our cat we shared) a kiss goodnight for him)"


i just can't talk to him anymore like this. it's not the same. i am still in love, and it is not helping me.

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Every breakup feels that way . I felt it was the end of my love life at age 19, 22, 23, 34, 39, etc....it's the way your heart and mind process the truauma of a breakup...Our hearts are amazingly resiliant. You will find another love....and so will I....Bung

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Hey Katified - I know how you feel. After my ex dumped me I also went through those thoughts.


2 Months down the road I look back and realize that I wasn't 100% happy in the relationship and at times I was a watered down version of my real self! I've since started talking to new people and have already met a couple of people with whom I have more in common than my ex. You will too! And when you do you'll look back and smile and realize that you were wrong.


You are going to be just fine and you are going to find new loves... it may be a few months down the road it may be a few years! But you will - I promise!!

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