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In a drastic turn over events...


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So yesterday... after 6 weeks of NC... i couldnt take it anymore...


disclaimer: im still a lil drunk



I couldnt take it anymore.. I called my ex of 2.5 years... she didnt pick up... I actually was happy that she didnt... took the day off... went fishing. As soon as i got to the lake, the phone began to ring. It was her. I picked it up but started losing all feeling to my mouth... I didnt think she would call back. After a short period of small talk I broke the rules... I asked her about us... and to make a long story short... within the 3 months that we have been off... the following has happenned:



She has gotten a huge promotion at walmart... yay i guess...


To celebrate she has went out many of times...


She has gotten high... many times


She has slept with about 3-5 other men


Has slept with another guy whom "treats her well" and are now dating



I feel so betrayed... we fought all day via text. I deleted everything off of myspace/facebook... and still checked the facebook just recently to see that she has now put herself in a relationship with a new man...


When I aksed her who the guy was.. she wouldnt tell me... I said who I thought it was and she denied it... only later to see that it was him all along.

She is lying to her mom about it all.. which pissed me off since her mom was a huge supporter in her coming back. I intercepted a text to her new boyfriend... which was talking * * * * on me...and well thats what happens when you send a text to the wrong person... she claims that she still loves me but im pretty sure thats all bs.... and also said that she never cheated in the relationship which... i want to believe and I think i still do.... The only leverage I had was telling her that we were almost married which seemed to stick out like a needle in her vein. I just don't understand why she would lie so much to me after it was all said and done... I mean... as much as I would like to.. we would never be together again.. let alone now... ever talk again... so I feel betrayed... figured i was due to find this out but idk what to think. I almost still feel bad and want this guy to make her happy... but im kinda drunk and very mixed up emotionally....


god give me strength... I can't believe that she is such a lying * * * * * .... and that i actually liked her

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In any case, now you are no longer with her, so you should try to stop caring about anything she's doing with another man. Anything you get jealous over, it's really your problem and not hers, because you two are no more. You can be mad if you find out she indeed cheated on you while you were together, but it will not make a bit of difference anymore.


Also, stop displaying your jealousy over her by calling her and complaining about anything she does, because it is only making you look like a fool, and that is a guarantee.

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