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I'm in love with two different girls and I don't know what to do


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I am sooooo lost. This is my first post and I have so much to let out of my chest. I dated a girl for 4 years. She was suppose to be the one, my 1st kiss, I lost my virginity to her, she was my everything. She meant a lot to me and if someone were to tell me that I would ultimately end up being with someone else, then I'd tell them they don't know how strong our love is. I loved her soooooo much and I was very faithful and loyal to her. She and I broke up last April around my birthday because we no longer trusted one another and I saw her changing and pushing me away.


Before we broke up, we went through an on an off type relationship and I met a girl at work who blew me away. I talked to her for 3 months and decided to date her. She is so beautiful and everything that I ever wanted in a girlfirend...most importantly, I trusted her. I broke her hear because I ultimately ended up going back with my ex...


My ex and i did not work out and I was the one that called it off because I no longer trusted that girl. Then, my co-worker popped back into the picture and now she and I have been dating for 9 months...I love her, I really do. She's a great person and I gave her a promise ring to show my commitment and to show her that she and i are in it for the future...We get along great and she's just as beautiful as my ex if not more.


Lately I can't help but miss my ex...I don't know if I really want to go back to her, I couldn't do that to my current girlfriend...I broke her heart once and I can't do it again. I am missing my ex even more now and its only when I'm away form my girlfriend, but I still believe I have feelings deep down for my ex. I don't want to go back with my ex because I know I'll miss what I have now and I if I leave my current relationship, then what if my ex and I were really just not meant to be ( I feel deep down we are though)


I feel awful...my ex is with some guy and I know she doesn't love him...I feel bad for him, I feel bad for my ex, and most importantly, bad for my girlfriend. I don't know what to do, I don't want to hurt my current gf...but I may just love my ex more because that's who I thought would someday give me children...I really love both of them for their different qualities...


Lately, my gf is asking me if I really am over my ex and I'm saying that I am but don't know if I mean it. I keep thinking of who I absolutely can't live without and i am starting to feel that its my ex, I am missing her a lot, but I don't want to give up on my current gf...she and i talk about marriage and if someday I marry her, what if I end up being in a relationship where I am never truly happy because of what could have been between my ex and I? I feel horrible right now...I really do love them both and I love them so much


I know I just wrote a bunch but if you guys could give me advice, then I would greatly appreciate it, thanks you guys.

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I can't help thinking you must be in close contact with your Ex to know all this about her life. If you want to give it a chance with the new girl (and it sounds from her questions as though you may already have blown that) then you need to stop contact with your Ex.


What would really have changed? You didn't trust her last time you got back together, YOU broke it off.


Google 'grass is greener' - you may just have commitment issues and a convenient hook to hang 'em on.


Perhaps you need to be single for a while?

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I think that you are just thinking about her because you don't have her, and as soon as you left your new girlfriend and got back with your old girlfriend, you would realize that this wasn't what you wanted and you would try to come back to the new one.

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I think that you are just thinking about her because you don't have her, and as soon as you left your new girlfriend and got back with your old girlfriend, you would realize that this wasn't what you wanted and you would try to come back to the new one.





give your current girl a better chance than what you're currently giving her.

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I am not talking to my ex...she always contacts me and I have I ignore her. The times that I did contact her were me telling her that I have moved on and have found someone that I love. It's hard because she and I broke up because we didn't trust each other but I am sure that neither of us cheated on one another, we were just insecure at the time I guess. At times I feel like I haven't finished what we started...I met her when I was 15 and now I'm 21...my current gf knows when I have text her back and she knows what I have told my ex...my ex keeps contacting me telling me that she knows that she and I know that we were meant to be...It gets to me and I start thinking about it because I was so close to her and I loved her family and they took me in pretty well. I just miss a lot. With my current gf, I met her mom once and her mom is very strict and doesn't let her hang out with me too much and shes 22 so it bothers me. I feel like I was able to see my ex when I wanted and I can't see my current gf unless its at work or school...Believe me I don't want to give up on my current gf because she is an amazing girl and I know a lot of guys at work are jealous of me because I'm dating her when she is a very picky/hard to get girl...I just don't want to find out someday that my ex and I were really meant to be and that my current gf is great but not as great as my ex....this is hard

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