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How to approach this


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So I met this girl last weekend at a religious meeting in spanish, which I normally attend, but she normally attends hers in English. Her meeting happens just 30 minutes after mine and it is at the same building so it is easy access to go and see her, which I plan on doing tomorrow.


Last weekend her mom came present her to me and she seemed like a very shy girl, or maybe she was just shy because of me or something lol, I don't know. And I was really busy that day because I am very active in my religion and did not have time to talk to her. I just introduced myself, made sure to get her name (which she had to repeat twice because she was soo shy that I could barely hear it lol). I found that to be rather cute to be honest.


Anyway, so I talked to two good girl friends I have that know her, that are not very good friends with her but that have spent a decent time with her and seen how she is etc. And I have heard very good things about her, and I want to see if there's a chance of getting something going.



So any ideas? I am planning on just going to her meeting, attending it and at the end approaching her and talk to her a bit and to make sure to call her by her name so she notices that I took note of it. Then mention that I was really busy last week so I didn't have time to talk much, but would like to have her number and e-mail/msn so we can keep in touch.


Anyway, good? bad? feedback appreciated.

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Adding something. Even though I have gotten enough attention from girls, in the past every single girl I have had something with usually develops from first being a friendship that turned into something else. ... So.. Yeah I am pretty damn inexperienced about asking girls out and the whole deal.. so I am kinda nervous about how to go about this since I don't know this girl very well, but know enough about her from other people to know that she is a great girl.

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Alright so everything went pretty well. After meeting ended I talked a bit to her younger brother (17) and some kids and kinda made some friendly chatter, so I can see a friendship being possible there.


Then later saw her mom around, and she kinda smiled and asked what I was doing there lol. We talked a while and she went present me to a guy that was talking to her daughter. So we spoke a while the four of us.


Her mother then excused herself, and walked away to do something else, and the girl was about to leave as well. So I said "hey (her name), didn't have much time to talk to you last weekend, do you have msn or something?" She replied yes, I took out a pen and paper, and well now I got her e-mail/msn.


I know probably not the classiest of things, but hey... I am a newbie, and it is what I felt comfortable with, was already pretty daring enough to go to a meeting where I don't know almost anyone just to get some girl's info lol.


So now I am a bit worried about a few things... how long till I add her. Also could that guy have anything with her? I hope not because damn, like... first I don't really want competition and second I would hate to take some guy's girl...


Anyway... PLEASE help this clueless little foolish boy out. c ya


P.S: Was able to get a better look at her today... and man.. she's really cute

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You should search her on Facebook and see if she's single, first off.


Don't add her on MSN just yet. You should wait until maybe Tuesday. And then wait a day or two to actually IM her.


She probably thinks you're cute since she was acting shy. And if she's interested she'll be waiting for you to add her. You don't wanna seem to anxious.

Good luck

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