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  1. Yeah I have a problem with #4 as well. I for one when interested in a girl, would love her to initiate contact. I feel like she is not interested if I am the one that has to do it most if not all the time, even if she responds positively every time I do so. Just kinda have a balance you know... So yeah, sometimes I let days go by, just to see if she will actually do something, if not I tend to get annoyed lol.
  2. I read the posts, and thought of something. Is it maybe that your boyfriend gives you SO MUCH attention, like you said LOADS, that it loses value? Kinda like gold, and other precious metals, the more rare it is, the more expensive and desirable. I think that you might have gotten used to getting whatever you want from your boyfriend, that it ain't a challenge anymore, and it lost its fun. It became instead of a precious metal, just a common rock. Does this make sense? Or you still think that it might be actually be because of something else?
  3. LoL funny exchange Friday... What do you want anyway lol?... Hilarious stuff
  4. Damn I must say so myself... this is pretty awesome good job!
  5. It really baffles me as to why I still have feelings for you... like.. damn.. about time they go away... it is really just getting annoying now.. I don't want you, I want you out of my system, get out damn it.
  6. Well you managed to make me feel * * * * ty again... but heavy metal is always there to save my ass lol.. Iron Maiden is awesome
  7. ... So you liking a new boy are u.... *red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks**red asterisks* Hope u r happy, but that he turns out to be a complete douche... maybe then you will value what u had...
  8. 3 weeks - a month? I dunno lol... good thing I don't keep count...
  9. Damn!! today I got some girl's info.. and you are slowly falling far far behind... becoming more and more of a stranger to me... still I don't know why my heart still has a special place for you... I guess I need to do my "Spring cleaning" soon...
  10. Lol damn... I was talking to that girl whom you used to be crazy jealous off remember? Yeah turns out she is a bit of a * * * * * lol... so forget about that... damn.. I was really thinking this new girl would have been a nice way to finish getting over you... meh.. who cares.. I am just bored right now and don't really care about you anymore. But you are lucky, see I am not chasing any girl right now... if you were smart you would take this opportunity and try your luck with me lol ... anyway... gtg to class c ya
  11. Sorry for being such an idiot last week. I wish I could go back and change what I said... my bad.. hope you are okay and not sick anymore...
  12. Lmao... it is not scary at all, watch it lol. Don't worry it has NOTHING to do with horror.
  13. Hey everyone. I found this awesome thing on the internet that allows you to edit a video with a picture that you wish. It makes for a very fun and nice surprise or gift for a family member, like your father or something. Or even a nice surprise for your significant other (boyfriend/husband). Have a look it is really cool: (And lol.. the picture I have on this is from my father at my sister's wedding back in 1994 lol It is so hilarious so I had to use it) link removed P.S: He was extremely happy and laughing for a good 5 minutes over this lol.
  14. Oh lol.. trust me.. what I did this week was quite idiotic lol...
  15. We were literally 3 feet from each other, and not even hi. seriously.. are we really that childish?... such stupid uncomfortable situations.. I HATE Friday nights... wish I didn't have to see you twice a week. Wish I was really far away... I can't believe that from a perfect day, feeling really happy, I went down to crying.. soo pathetic... I knew I was the one that was gonna get hurt in the end.. I always cared for you to make sure you wouldn't get hurt, but really I should have never given you a chance, why did I actually give in to your flirting? You came after me for months, where did all that passion go... ? Why did I give you a chance... I knew this was probably not gonna work.. why did I let myself go into fantasy land? I knew I am too nice of a person to eevr hurt anyone, I knew I was not gonna hurt you like this.. but why didn't I protect myself from harm... ? You don't deserve me crying for you.. but yet I am... Funny thing is that if you read this, you would actually get mad at me, and tell me that I am trying to manipulate your feelings, trying to make you feel bad.. it is always just about you, you you isn't it...? ............ screw you........
  16. I want to talk to you, but I don't even know what to say. I wish you would give me a chance, and see that I always tried my best to do what I could for us. That over these months I have tried my best to improve and change what I needed to change, and I have. That I have tried to get over you, but I can't. I now you can love me again, just give it a try....
  17. Hey Dave, just a question (sorry if its too personal). What happened with that ex of yours from the beginning of this thread? The one that you were with for quite a few years, and had something with another guy for 8 months, then came back to you.
  18. lol, I am not in the mindset to start dating someone else right now, it would be unfair to someone else to give them false hope.
  19. In NC for about 2 months. Only lately its been getting harder, it is weird. Maybe it is because I am on break, and getting lonely/bored. Would like nothing better right now than an e-mail, or msn message from her...
  20. But you shouldn't see it this way. You need to see it as, "I messed a lot of stuff up in my last relationship, lemme look what it is I did wrong, and how I can avoid making the same mistakes again". This is what this is all about, because if you end up with your ex or not, it is really a new relationship, and you need to have learned from your past. If people don't learn and change, the end result is going to be the same again. That is the way I see it. Right now, even though I still love my ex, I just want to improve on myself, find out the things I was doing wrong, understand why things didn't work. Then try to learn, and fix wrong patterns in my ways of thinking, so that in a future relationship I don't make the same mistakes again. It doesn't matter if this future is with my ex, or someone else. If I learn from the past the odds of having a successful recon are much higher. BTW, Thank you a lot for bringing up that website from Al Turtle, some of the articles really opened up my point of view about things, and helped me understand a lot of what was going on in my relationship.
  21. man.. this post is soooo old... but i am soo happy its here exact same situation going on in my life, and feels good to realise im not a freak I guess ima have to talk to my gf abt this.
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