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So, I've been fighting with the person who was supposed to be my best friend. I've known her for 4 years now. She just recently deleted me off myspace/facebook and blocked me on IM. She's always disrespectful to me. If I ever disagree with her, she gets really mad and thinks we are fighting. She does this to everyone.


She is also involved in an affair with a man and I have to constantly hear about it. She doesn't think she is doing anything wrong, either. Everyone constantly tells her how he is a jerk and doing the wrong thing, but nobody ever mentions the fact that it takes two people to have an affair. The affair has been going on for 6 or 7 years now and they constantly fight and break up, get back together and just repeat this thing all the time. She thinks he's going to leave his wife someday and marry her. I finally told her how I feel about the whole thing and that's when she blocked me.


We started talking again a little bit after that, but she finally just deleted me completely from myspace and facebook because I asked her not to call me a stupid nick name she had for me. She refused to stop calling me that. I'm not saying what my name is, but I hate my name. I have a guy/girl name and I think it sounds more like a guy's name and when ppl use this certain nick name for me, I get offended. So, I asked her not to call me that and she refused. So, I got mad, and she deleted me. I am now friends with a friend of hers and she agrees with me on pretty much everything about her. In fact, she even messaged her about it, asking her why she would call me that when she knows I don't like her. She just got mad. Again.


She even messaged this guy that I like one day, wanting me to send him a song I had written about him that I had sent to her that I didn't want him to see. I thought that was crossing a line.


My mom thinks she is the sweetest thing in the world, too. My mom also thinks she is an expert on relationships with guys just because she isn't a virgin (I am). I thought this was pretty hilarious.


Anyway, from the way I've made it sound, I probably shouldn't be too upset about the whole thing, but I am. Not only have I lost my best friend of 4 years, even though she wasn't a great one, the guy that I like doesn't like me like that, even though everyone (but my ex-best friend) thinks he is acting like a guy that DOES like a girl and thinks he is just being a heart breaker or something. Like, leading a girl on and then telling her he doesn't like her. I constantly get to hear how much she doesn't think he likes me, either. She like, constantly rubs it in. She also told me she didn't think some guy was hitting on me at some show I went to a long time ago, who totally was, and she wasn't even there. It's like she treats me like I'm a little kid that doesn't know what I'm talking about or something. Especially with guys. I really liked this guy that flirted with me at a show awhile ago, and she constantly rubbed that in my face that she didn't think he liked me. I just kept saying, "I really don't know if he likes me, but he DID hit on me at least that one night. So, he could have wanted a one night stand, but the point is, he made a move that one night." She just says, "I don't think he was." She wasn't even THERE! My mom agreed with her, too.


Anyway, all of this is just making me really depressed. I have friends who do love and respect me and make it clear that they listen to everything I have to say and see my perspective on everything we talk about and actually consider it before just telling me I'm flat out wrong and don't know what I'm talking about. I am just so down and depressed right now and I can't get out of this depression. I just want to sleep and cry all the time...I don't cry, but I have been sleeping more than usual. The biggest thing that has me the most upset is the issue with this guy that I like, too. Of course. It's spring break and I haven't heard from him. I wanted to hang out with him during spring break, but I won't ask, because he's already told me he doesn't like me like that. During winter break he texted me all day and night every day and night. I thought he would during spring break this semester, but nope.


Anyway. That's the whole story in a not-so-nutshell. :sad:

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In fact, she even messaged her about it, asking her why she would call me that when she knows I don't like her. (that was supposed to say "when she knows I don't like it.")


Anyway, I thought being best friends and as girls would mean I could talk to her about guys I like, and maybe get sympathy from her when something goes wrong, but she just constantly tells me no guy likes me.

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