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is this guys' way of tellin me im pretty?


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So I was on a trip with some new people... and there were two guys i was interested in for awhile.


For the first guy, I was on the bus and we were just chatting a bit. And then he pulled out his camera and we started taking photos of the sceneries etc... and then he turned his camera to me and said 'i see pretty girl!' and took a pic of me.. is that his way of telling me that im attractive?


And for the second guy.. well i was just chatting to these new people in and they were giving me a new random new name in Indonesian. And then I was asking what that name meant.... then the guy (that i was a bit interested in) came up from behind and said 'it means a girl who is very hot'.


Sorry, i feel stupid for posting this, im so superficial and my threads are always about looks and such... but does this mean that they find me good looking?? or am i reading TOO much into this?? maybe they're just joking..? i dunno

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I think you are really insecure about how you look I think you should relax, and yes these guys were clearly hinting at complimenting you, and if you weren't soo insecure you would realize that if you are getting this type of attention from guys it means that you are obviously pretty and good looking.

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I'm sure you're very attractive, no stranger would take a picture and say that he sees a pretty girl...I'm sure that was his plan all along to take a picture of you. And naming you hot girl for no reason either.


he wasnt a stranger he was another guy on the travel team, we're from the same university. though ive only known him for two days then.

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Yes they were both telling you that you were pretty. This is the second post I have read with you talking about your looks. Have you thought of doing anything to work on your insecurities?


But what does "Pretty" mean to you, there are beautiful women everday in this world that command no respect in their relationship, are routinely cheated on and in fact keep getting dumped: Halle Berry, Pam Anderson, Stac(e)y Dash.


What does pretty do?


You have to realize that is a very small part of the total package. You can be the hottest thing running and still get dropped of like a hot sack of sh*t. So what else is going on with you.

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Yeah I'm a bit confused about that too. But can mean having a low self esteem or confused feeling etcetera too, I think.


Yes, it's my low self esteem, insecurities etc.. sigh.


The thing is those guys didn't show further interest apart from just that, I know one has a girlfriend but the other doesn't.. the other one ended up semi-flirting with my other friend towards the end of the trip.

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Why I'm insecure is because:

1) I don't like how I look in photos... in mirror I think I look totally fine but in photos I think I look really weird.

2) I don't think they were really interested, at least I don't feel it. Of course there were moments when I felt it, but not long enough for me to feel it or reciprocate.

3) For the second guy, he did the same thing with another girl... that other girl got some compliments from another guy, and then this 'second guy' was like 'ahhh yea ur beautiful..!!'. The thing is this girl is not really beautiful... and he told me once that he thinks she's like a ball, which was mean.


So I don't know if he was messing about.

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