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I might delete this in a few days. Not the journal but this post.


Anyway, something I saw the other day on youtube, and it's brought out a lot of different thoughts in me.


I was looking at perhaps get a pet spider, so I was doing some research on the different breeds and how you feed pet tarantulas, how you after them etc..


I've always liked exotic animals. Like snakes, lizards, and I love wolfs. I think these are awesome creatures. So I start looking at vids on youtube to see how these spiders eat their prey. I saw one vid that may disturb a lot of people here, and the maker of that vid copped a lot of abuse. This person decided to feed a hamster to his Goliath bird eating spider, and the purpose seemed to be so he could film it, get his enjoyment out of seeing two animals fight, and post it on youtube.


I won't post the link to the vid because I'll probably be accused of posting offensive material. The vid is called " T. Blondi vs. Hamster" if anyone is curious. Those of you who are squeamish should probably not watch.


Now I came accross that video by coincidence. But it brought out a lot of thoughts in myself. You see, I believe in karma and reincarnation, and this video brought out concern in me. When I was a kid I used to feed ants to garden spiders etc... Now I know a lot of kids do this, but I thought, maybe one day I'll be reincarnated as that hamster as punishment.


I also thought that the someone who does this type of thing should perhaps be thrown into a Colosseum style structure with a lion or tiger, gave them a spear to defend themselves and see how long they last. That's the equivalent of what happened to the hamster, so an eye for an eye and all that. I also try to picture a human in a cage with a lion scenario, and for some reason I don't think I'd feel as much sympathy for the human as I did for the hamster.


Also, I think this vid is a good thing to view if I ever feel depressed. Not to cheer me up of anything like this. But to remind myself that I'm lucky I'm human, and I often wish I was not. I wish I was greater then human and that makes me often depressed, where I sometimes felt suicidal. But this vid puts me off suicide because who's to say I won't be reincarnated as something like that hamster, to teach me a lesson for throwing away my life.


This video has also put me off getting a big spider as a pet. Not because I'm afraid of tarantulas like this, but because you have to feed them live food, usually crickets., ant the reincarnation thing puts me off it.


No, I never cried or bawled or anything stupid like that over the vid. I look or act no different to how I always look. I just feel a little stressed and uneasy now over this, and was thinking about alcohol tonight but decided to opt for tea.


Either way, my teeth are going to get stained.

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