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Facebook flirt?

Star Witness

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I was at a fundraiser on Saturday night where a cute woman caught my eye. I was hoping to chat with her, but never really got a good opportunity. We only crossed paths once; we passed each other on a stairway and we exchanged a smile.


Today while on facebook I discovered that we have a mutual friend who posted a picture with her in it from the event. Hence, I now know her name and could contact her if I choose.


So...what do people think?

How do you think a facebook "friend request" would come off?

Any suggestions on what to write?



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Don't send her a request, but send a message. Say something along the lines of; " I happen to see you at (name of fundraiser) we didn't get a chance to chat or really meet, but I thought you looked fantastic and today when I checked ( friends name) Fb profile & saw your picture with him/her wanted to pay you a compliment. Have a nice day. Signed Star Witness..

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