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why!!! WHY LEAVE SOMEONE cause its for the best!?!?!?

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i dont know wat to call this thread i t doesnt matter really i just, i can bearely see wat typing through tears and no one else is up to talk to so if some1 could just reply with a hug or something it would be very muc apprecited right now


very quick background - been in long distance rel. for coming up 2 years now and weve finally been able to met and it was pure heaven bliss everyt signle perfect word there can not dsecribe the feelings i had while in her arms


and now cause things have gotten a complicated again - no more so then having to deal woth family and the whole views on net based relatioonships and lall the bits of crap that have popped up, leigh is now saying that she thniks we should stop seeing eachother, or call off wat we had cause it would spare me from the mess of their life


NEWS FLASH LEIGH Ive been in ur goddam life for 2 years, ive helped you get through so much and vise versa and now your giving my a bull reason, i love you too much line for us to part ways!!?!?!?!?!?



Still talking it out, well not nnow, they had t go to wokr but because o f there work i got to wait till the weekend to really gert a chance to sort it out - i feel like death, some1 has droopedp me in hell for no reason and my heart hurts, its hard to brethe and i cant stop crying for nearly 4 hours now - get close to stoppig and i'll remember being able to finally hold he nanjjdjjj

it just too much i cant lose her its a complete buulllcrap of areason to leave the person u love i an di have to put up wtith feeling like this till weekend


i want to just die and

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Hey Tiffy,


I'm so sorry to hear about your news, break ups are hard enough to deal with let alone after something such a wonderful relationship where everything seemed perfect and blissful...it really sounds like the two of you came a long way together and were strong enough to go through something long distance, those kind of relationships can be challenging to maintain and 2 years is a long time so that is definitely a positive. I really think it's odd of Leigh to suddenly announce that it's all over, I think she should definitely talk to you more about it, or least owe you more of an explanation. Pressures always come up in relationships from time to time, so don't worry, you've done nothing wrong - Leigh needs to stand up more for her own feelings with regards to her family's views on net relationships. I firmly believe that nobody should cut someone out of their life just like that, there's no doubt you meant alot to her over the 2 years. Is there a way you can get her to open up more to you?


Anyway, I hope that helped and that you start feeling better soon.




Best wishes.

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