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Dating disappointment


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Hey all, feeling a bit sad and just looking for cheering up I guess.


I've recently been on a few dates with a friend's colleague. Had loads of fun and ended by saying we'd meet up again. Had a few days of talking on the phone, now it seems to have gone cold.


I'm not looking for excuses or reasons to pretend it's something it's not. He's not keen and I have to accept that. But I feel really sad. He's the first guy in the last 2 years I've been single that I was excited about. I really had a good feeling about it so now i'm really disappointed.


How do you stop it knocking self-esteem that is pretty blimming fragile anyway. It's taken me years to get over my ex-boyfriend and I'm scared I'll end up alone. I'm disappointed and I feel really sad.


Any tips for not being a bit pathetic? I've only been out with him a few times. I have been on quite a lot of dates in recent years but never been the one to be keen.


It's so hard dating, feeling judged and anxious that you're not good enough!

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Hey well congrats on the dates! Yea dating can suck but hey at least you are starting to be interested in people other than your ex. You're getting out there. I'd say just enjoy dating for what it is.. meeting new people with the possibility of some romance. It is exciting and fun, even if it doesn't work out. If people see you having fun it raises their attraction. So yea my advice would be enjoy it.

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