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Had a dream about her, feel absolutely gutted.

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As implicated in the thread topic. Been well over a year since I've cut contact. Haven't fully gotten over it, woke up from a dream today and I feel like my insides are shredded up.


The dream was very vivid. We got back together and hell, it was even on our facebook status in my dream.


I feel like crap, I hate this and I want to be over this. I don't get why I still love and cherish the memories of us and her. I'm glad I have therapy today, no clue as to why I'm not letting go and why my unconscious mind keeps dragging me through the mud.


I don't want to be stuck on this like a fool. I honestly have no idea how to let go or move on. I thought if I gave it enough time, it would go away and I would see the big picture, but part of my imagination and mind still sees us in the big picture or keep looking to the past and won't let that image go.


This hurts, this stinks, bah. Another day to work through.

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Maybe it's not just "her" that you're still hung up on,

but rather the idea of what she (in your mind) could have been.

So that when you dream of her, instead of it actually being about her-- it's more about a relationship, of closeness, of romance.

She wasn't the right one for you.

The sooner you can separate her face from being a symbol for your desires,

the sooner you'll be free .

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