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R.L Stine


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Holy crow, he is still writing! That's awesome.


I do remember my personal spree with the Fear Street books. You could pick them up at drugstores and little kiosks in the airport and hospitals.


It was lots of sitting in a hospital one summer that introduced me to him. Hmmm, People magazine and Harlequin novels or that. lol.


What a neat little collection to build.

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I remember him. I had all the Goosebumps books when I was a kid, and then when I was a teenager, I moved onto the Fear Street books. He also wrote some other books (The Hitchhiker was one I remember vividly) that I enjoyed.


He also wrote at least one adult book. I picked it up when I was in high school, and talk about explicit. He was throwing around the f word and it was very sexually explicit. I thought it was a bit over the top, to be honest, but I respected him for trying to break into the adult horror genre.


The interesting thing about R.L. Stine is that he was originally a comedy writer for children. He was "Jovinal Bob Stine." I picked up one of his early books when I was about 11, and it was really interesting to see how he started out.


I lost interest in him after discovering Christopher Pike. That man is a genius (at least for writing books that appeal to teenagers), and his worst book trumps Stine's best one.

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