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Fear of driving long distances


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I've developed this fear of driving distances because I keep feeling like I'm going to get into a serious accident. Like because of the distance that makes the chances of it happening higher.


I have a doctor appointment in another couple of weeks and its about 35 minutes away and on a crazy highway. I always hear of accidents happening there, and maybe they do just as often other places but I feel so afraid of this highway even more. Will definitely be taking the highway. I don't think taking backroads would make me feel better.


I could choose closer doctors but this one is the best for what I need. My mother is also coming with me and I feel like its not necessarily easier by having someone with me because I just worry about them too.

I am SO upset and nervous that because of me wanting to go there we will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get into an accident.


Doesn't anyone else think like this? I don't want to feel like this anymore

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Accidents can happen short distances away from home as well. You have to continue functioning and not let the fear of an accident keep you from doing things you need to do and you want to do. You can walk accross the street and get hit by a car...you can get killed in your own home. So many ways to get injured or killed...driving 35 minutes is just one of many risks we take as we live our lives and go about our business.

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You can benefit from hypnotherapy to overcome this exaggerated fear. It took three sessions of hypnosis for me to over come my severe fear of flying. I've had a fear of flying since I was a teenager and refused to travel anywhere. In fact, just entering an airport made me feel nervous and I would actually start worrying and sweating and couldn't focus on anything else aside from the fact that I'm in some kind of danger even being in an airport thinking a plane can crash into the building since there are so many landing there. Thanks to hypnosis I think nothing of it now and in the past two years I've been on a plane 9 times and felt perfect. Trust me it works.

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I made a thread similar to this less than a week ago so believe me you're not alone. What really helped me was to just do it. I kept thinking of the worst and kept picturing myself getting into this huge accident; But, I went head on with driving in a very busy area and felt a ton of stress lift off my shoulders as I approached my destination. Facing fears are tough, but it's the best way to defeat them.

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Accidents can happen short distances away from home as well.

She's right. In fact most auto accidents occur within a 5 mile radius from your house.


Yea, I used to be fearful until I had to drive 8 states to move a friend back home from her ex boyfriend's. It was the best girl's trip ever.


Perhaps you should try taking someone with you when you go on longer trips?

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There is nothing to worry about, if a good driver. I love to drive and I can drive the distance. I know there are people out there like my uncle who doesn't really like to drive, he loves public transportation, but he cannot drive the distance. I also know people who are willing to drive the distance but they need to stop every so often to take a break.


I highly recommend you taking a break while your driving a distance. Of course you might have to leave a little earlier but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. I highly recommend driving with someone else like you mom when you have to go the distance. I can also recommend you hiring a driving instructor to take you distance.

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When I first moved to DC from a small town, I used to practice driving the big roads when I knew the traffic would be light. Once I became familiar with the roads, turn-off, exits, etc... that I needed, I could focus more on the other drivers during heavy traffic b/c the road was more familiar. It might help if someone else initially drove you through this area as well if you're nervous about it. Accidents might seem to happen more often there b/c it's a major road, so traffic reporst would include any incidents occurring there as it would effect a larger number of people.


I'd also recommend turning off the radio, 10-2 hand position, no cell phone, all that basic driver's ed stuff that we rarely use on a daily basis. For me, it makes me feel like I'm back in driver's ed or trying to pass the driving test, ie. I'm more conscience of my driving.


And maybe try the back roads-the speed limit should be lower, as well as traffic volume & the number of lanes, so that might make you feel safer. Try to think of it in other terms besides distance. Let's say you visit a friend who lives 7 miles away every day for 5 days-you've covered roughly the same distance as your 35 min. trip (more actually if you count the trip back to your own home), but because you're familiar with the roads & you do this daily, it doesn't really seem like a big deal. In reality, you're more at risk for an accident because you do this daily-like Kumatora said, most accidents happen ~5 mi.s from home b/c you're driving that route at least 2x day, maybe more on weekends so a good percentage of the time spent in your car is in this area. Also, most people hit autopilot close to home & start making plans for dinner, night out, picking up kids, etc... Hope this helps!

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The most important thing you need to be able to do, when driving, is to know how to *stop*.

The first thing there is making sure you maintain enough space between vehicles for whatever your speed is.

Just concentrate on that & you'll have 70% or better of all safety issues resolved.


Remaining alert without fear should be likened to keeping your eye on your children, or whatever kids you're watching. You don't have to panic at any given moment, but you do need to be ready to react.


You can have a good time watching them play, but at the same time, you're ready to protect them..


It's kind of the same, driving a car.


hope that helps, a little..






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