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Having real trouble getting past the ex :(


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Having real trouble letting go of the anger to do with my ex. Long story, so won't go into it.


Today, i took some baby steps, after weeks of anger. Still angry, but this is what i did.


1. am going to change my phone plan. We'd had same ph. plan so we could 'talk' for free, but am now changing it. I feel this was a bit of a step for me.


2. took myself off the dating site where we met, deleted my profile. Do not want any reminders.


The money should be in my bank this week so i can have the stuff shipped back.


It is really hard letting go, i am still so angry, because i was basically dumped and ex has moved back home with lots of friends' support, and i am here with almost nobody.


Just feeling really alone, confused and angry. And, upset...

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Also, can you try doing stuff to make you feel more like you? pick up classes/hobbies.


Yeah, i'm slowly starting to think about things. Just guess i was so immobilized by this. Other problem is, i was using the relationship as a band-aid for other things that were wrong in my life. There is not much that is right in my life right now, just trying to clean it up and determine what i want. So hard


Anyway, will go to gym tonight



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