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Ex contacts me again (twice in 1 week)


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Hi all,

I posted last week that my ex of 5 months (5+ year relationship) texted me last week to wish me happy 30th birthday which set me back slightly but got through it, then today i got another one from her asking how my weekend was...what the hell is going on....i haven't contacted her in about 12 weeks but within those 12 weeks she's contacted me, there was a gap of about 5 weeks before she wished me happy birthday last week, and now she texted me again a week later...she keeps breaking NC.....what should i do...any thoughts...

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It depends what sort of relationship you want with your ex?


I found too much mixed feelings between my ex and I to do anything for basically the first year, we only spoke 5 or 6 times and met up twice in that time and it was devastating for me each time. It probably didn't help that we slept together when we met up


For now I'd continue NC and just ignore her messages, if you're not wanting to be friends or reconcile then replying does nothing but cause you stress.

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What do i want to do?...i'm in love with her so reconcile would be my answer but i don't want to bring anything up about us at all, she needs to come back to me...i basically just replied to her questions about my weekend and thats all...but what is she up to???...is she just doing the friend thing....i can't be her friend while i'm still in love with her...

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If we all knew what our ex's were really thinking it would probably be very quiet here


You need to start being friends with your ex again before you can even consider reconciling, but there is no guarantee that once you're friends that you'll even get back together.


You'd need to be prepared that she's only wanting to be friends, and in some cases that can feel like getting broken up with all over again.

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We all want it right away, don't we?


She has contacted you, twice recently. She isn't going to stay that she wants to get back to you right away... but this is a crack from what seemed to be a closed and shut case. If you want her back, you will have to respond, open the lines of communication and it will take time. Take the chance... don't overdo it all at once.


I hope it does work out.

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I don't think her contacting me twice in a week is her starting to come back to me...i'd love to know what she is up to...i have to admit i'm in a much better place now, i still miss her and love her but i know i'm not in the place i used to be...some of that is down to a girl i've been kinda seeing in the last few weeks but i know my heart belongs to my ex and this girl knows that also, we're just having fun....but i know i can't be friends with my ex...half of me wants to tell the ex not to contact me as it just gets me thinking of us again but the other half likes the fact she's contacting me and not me contacting her, and i won't contact her again, i'll let her do all the contacting.....god what is she up to....

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