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Hair on a male.


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as long as its clean i'm happy.

no comb over no grease.

i do like bald just got a thing for it.

never had a bald bf i'm ba-curious.


ok i'm going to confess bald heads i get an urge to stroke and lick.


I' never really had a thing for bald guys until I recently dated one and I did stroke and lick it and it was very sexy I must admit and I highly recommend it and would definitely do it again lol

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Not sure why men don't understand that bald is sexy. When men are going bald, however...just cut the rest REALLY short. DO NOT try to make up for it by growing any of the rest out!!


But for me, yes I like a little hair on top.


If balding, cut it short.


both are sexy as long as it looks regularly groomed.


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I'm one of the women who finds balding unattractive..though I think that could change if I see it on the right guy. I've yet to see a man that's balding attractive in that perspective. And to answer your question basketball, I find happy trails sexy. It adds a bit of extra masculinity to a man's look. It all depends on the guy. Some guys I find the happy trail on attractive, some others I don't. This also changes with each woman. To each their own!

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natural balding is different from shaved bald - and as lamour noted it simply doesn't work on everyone - but for some people it looks better than any other option. i have a friend, and an uncle who both look better bald than with any haircut they tried.


i would like to know about facial hair? not huge beards, something clean and trimmed - but not the little pencil thin lines all the kids are using, a real beard. not really a thread highjack is it? rather an ... extension?

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