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craigs list scams


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Has anyone been looking for a job recently and noticed the abundance of scams on craig's list???


One of them wanted me to send my credit score and report.


Another one wanted me to fill out an employment 'survey' which had nothing to do with anything.


And the best one: If I filled out this background check and sent PAYMENT I would be guaranteed an interview. Had a direct link to a PAYPAL site, where you directly send money to them from YOUR account. HOW IS THIS LEGAL???


I just wanted to give everyone a head's up. I know the market is tough, but to people really need to be scamming innocent people like this?


Needless to say, I didn't fall for any of these tricks. Most of the time these email addresses have ended in gmail,yahoo,hotmail,etc. Thats when I know its a total scam.

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