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All our love to ILMBC!!


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Jennnnnn, don't feel lonely. I know what it's like, I swear. But everything will be okay in the end. You'll make friends that are yours only. You'll have a lot of fun.


It takes time. Don't expect to have the same life you had back home now that you've moved to a new place. Rome wasn't built in a day girl!


Anyway... I thought I'd make this mini thread in which we could all just give some hugs to Jennnnnn who's far away from us



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Awww, thank you!!!!

I probably would have totally missed this thread (I'm oblivious like that). You're so sweet!


BW, I don't know where to meet people while he's at work. I joined a couple of meetup groups, have been looking for volunteer stuff, and made a personal ad (I swear, I made it as least-lame as possible)...just waiting now.

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