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Hi need advice have to ask :) plz advice asap


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So I went out tonight, it was brilliant, I ended up following 3 girls and a guy to a bar. And to make it short, one of the girls had something about her. Something special. She isnt useally the type i go for. But she was really charming and funny and cute.


But she told me that the guy was like a long time flame that never happened.

But he keept talking to this really skanky girl. She became a little jeoulus. I appologized for hitting on her I didnt know she and him had something goin on. She said well I thought but he is talking now to that girl.


I told her that she is much more pretty than that girl and charming. The skank was something that a guy loses interest in soon.


Then we talked for a little bit. and she asked for my nummber, I gave it to her. Then we were talking still, she asked if I was partying this weekend I said yes. then she told me to take her nummber and we should meet up.


then she went to talk to the other guy. Then I sent her a text "Im going home, just remember your much cuter than the skans. Mabey we will meet this weekend."


She wrote back "ok I will see you this weekend."


Then i left. Now i feel my self thinking about her. She had something about her. i want to text her again "are you still out and about, wanna take a walk and talk?" or "Listen if he dosent see that there is something special about you then he is blind."


but isnt that to soon? Mabey I should play hard to get or just say to hell with it and text?

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In general, I haven't seen a lot of strong, healthy relationships that started with drunken nights in bars. If you want to pursue something with this girl more than just sleeping with her a few times, the pick up your phone, actually call her (not text) and ask her on a date. If she will only hang out with you in the bar scene, she is not the type looking for a relationship now anyway and it probably wouldn't get you anywhere.


Call her tomorrow and ask her out on a "real" date.

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Don't give too much credit to bar meetings unless you're looking for a little casual fun. That's all that usually comes of it, if that. Forget about trying to boost her self esteem. It's not sexy, not your job and it makes you look weak. The fact that you even feel the need to do that should tell you something about your interaction with her. Not someone worth spending a lot of time on. It it were me, I wouldn't bother but if you want to ask her out, wait until tomorrow and call.

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Wait til tomorrow afternoon to call her and ask her to hang out. I know she asked you about partying this weekend, but if you don't want it to just be a casual relationship then you should take her on a real date. At least dinner and then after you can chill with friends. I agree with what others said about dropping the comments about the other girl.

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