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Need help with NC


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I was in a very difficult distance relationship. There were so many wrong factors - age, distance, religion. The head knew it was wrong, but for once, why did the head have to win? The inevitable has happened.


I find it hard to cry. So, I am full of frustration and nervous energy. I can't find peace at all... anywhere... and I can't share it with anyone.


I need help with NC. With internet, it so difficult! I have become compulsive and can't stop myself. Not being able to get sad and cry makes me like a walking time bomb.


If only I could go to sleep for days, just to escape the feeling....


I read the posts and it seems that nothing resonates with me. It's like I am this extreme emotiionally incontrollable mess. No one around me knows about the relationship. No one who knows me would believe the state I am in.


I am afraid of anti-depressants. I don't want to talk to a professional, because how can I fully explain the intricacies of the whole thing and the feelings.


Did anyone find it as hard as me? Not able to cry, not finding peace, going mad....

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Everyone is different to how they react to a break-up and NC is very hard to do.


I think you need an outlet, you need to talk to someone. Theres nothing wrong with talking to a professional. Do you have a close friend, or a family member you can share your pain with. It normally halves the pain by sharing it.


What about exercise, that would help, it would help release the frustration.


Are you in UK, you could call Samaritans, they are very good. I have called them once or twice before and I even do have friends I can talk to , but its nice to talk to someone who doesnt know you sometimes.....

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mcs, thank you.


I don't have any family. I live down under... in all respects now....


I can't burden my friends with it. I have 1 friend and she has been great. However,it almost feels stupid to talk about something that is over - what is there to analyse.


I need to somehow take control of myself. Talking to a professional makes everything so final. I am finding it hard to let go - it all blew up today. May be after some time, I will be able to see a professional.

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I know what you feel like when you have no one to talk to, but I am sure there must be someone...a friend maybe?


I know this is hard and I know what you are feeling, what you have to remember is that there are a lot of other people out there who are in your same situation, so see you are not alone.


I know that sometimes the posts and the internet might seem impersonal but the people here are really trying to help you.


Why not try talking to a professional, thats what they are there for. Just because you go see someone that doesn't make you crazy. You would be crazy if you knew you needed the help and yet you did nothing to help yourself...

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