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Official first date with a friend


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Im am terrified!


Im having my first real date with a friend I have known for 3 years and have fancied him for almost a year. We have slept together a couple of times but never struck up a relationship as he was afraid to ruin the friendship in case we ever broke up, but here we are about to embark on a date.


Im so excited and terrified... we are just heading to a lovely pub around the corner from our respective flats, its quite an intimate setting for a few drinks and to chat.


Although we know each other quite well, Im scared about what to do on the actual date. I'm freaking out slightly as I've wanted this for so long but now its here I'm worried. I've only ever been on two official dates.


What happens if there's a break in the conversation?

What do I do at the end of the date?



Mainly I'm just afraid that maybe this is just so he can tell this isn't happening at all and to just be friends, or at the end of the night he just doesn't want to be with me.


damn you Fear!


thanks xx

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Main thing is to RELAX. Just be yourself--you've been friends for so long, there's nothing to worry about! If he didn't like you as a person then he wouldn't still be friends with you. If you worry so much about what he's thinking and if he's gauging your relationship on the date then you'll be too nervous and worked up to let either of you see how it would really work out because you won't be behaving like the real you. Just enjoy that it is happening and have a good time!

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